2020 St. Ignatius Football


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For Ignatius fans:

Today marks the final day of class for the school and for many long-time faculty members who go into retirement. Many thanks for all of the great years of service they have given:

Dale Gabor - languages, former athletic director
Hank Gaughn - phys ed, health, Athletic Trainer
John Cooney - biology, basketball
Brian Becker - math, former Head Coach - basketball and golf
Michael Howard - history
Patricia Kyle - art
Christine Piatak - languages
Fr. Paul Shelton, S.J. - theology, language, cross country, athletic chaplain ( leaving for tertianship)
Mrs. Jennifer Fight - athletics admin. assistant
Dan Baron - theology

Godspeed to all.
Wow 8 of those were during my time. 4 of those, I was in their classrooms. I now feel old


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Dan Galla, theology
Tony Antonelli, math and defensive coordinator thru ’98 and during the championship run of the ‘90s

and finally, Tom Pasko – a legendary teacher of many subjects, who taught for 54 years at St. Ignatius
Make that 11 from my years, and 6 teachers of mine. Generational retiremeny