2020 Cleveland Browns


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Things I love:

1) Browns made playoffs and won, and beat Pittsburgh to boot

2) Baker Mayfield: he gets a lot of flak but he has a lot of heart, loves this team and city, and even blocks for his RBs

3) Our head coach, clearly he changed the culture and way they prepare, and his players respond to him

4) That Bitonio will get to play in a playoff game after all

Things I don’t love:

1) Prevent Defense


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Congrats Browns fans, great game.

Looks like three of the QB's from that 2018 class are moving up to the next level. With Mayfield, Allen & Jackson all getting their first playoff wins this weekend and having very good years we may be seeing the potential of this class coming to fruition.

And I think you guys have a punchers chance against the Chiefs.

And Pittsburgh now faces the most daunting challenge in the NFL - replacing a legend at QB. Yea big Ben threw for 500 yards but it was against the prevent D for 3 quarters.


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Nothing worse than Prevent Defense.

Announcers were really annoying most of the game. When Pitts scored to make it 28-7 they acted like they were winning.

Great win though nonetheless.


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Congrats to the Browns. After a little help from the outset they certainly earned the victory. Good luck v KC. If you can run the ball successfully I think they have a decent chance for an upset.


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Congrats to the Clowns.

It has been a L O N G time.

I was confident, until I heard JuJu being a jagoff. Let sleeping dogs lie!!!

With that said, I was expecting this team to be a one and done. They played 18 good minutes in the last 6 games of the season.

Looks like it will be the old browns and new browns battling it out for the next decade in the North. The steelers need to retool in a big way.

I knew we would be a one and done, just was hoping it was not against the browns.


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Well, that was surprising and fun! Said to my wife at opening kick-off, "the only real chance the Browns have is winning the turnover battle." Then the crazy snap happens. Unbelievable first quarter.

The Baker haters can eat **** too. Is the kid Mahomes, Brady or Rodgers? Of course not. But he is gutsy, leads by example, and has made great decisions the last few months. Gimme 250 yards, 2-3 TDs and no turnovers every time. Kid is a winner. And when it was 35-23 with 11 mnutes left, and needed a drive, he hit so many clutch throws for first downs. Loved it.

Not sure we can handle Mahomes, Kelce, Hill and crew, but it will be fun watching. Hopefully Stefanski, Bitonio, Ward, Conklin and the others are back!

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Congratulations to the Browns as it was a great victory and I am always happy to see Big Ben and the Steelers lose. :)(y)
I have always disliked the Steelers and I lived for 6 years about an hour away from Pittsburgh from 2010-2016 which made me dislike the Steelers even more.


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Very encouraging we were down lineman and were able to plug and play the backup’s backup with the success that we did

Need to get off to a good start against the Chiefs so we are not pressured to throw. I expect another shootout but this offense needs to have the option to run to play at it’s best. Hate playing from behind


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BM has shown he can elevate his game, no doubt.

But, to beat the Chefs you need to keep their offense off the field. With that, the Browns will need to slow it down, run the ball and control the clock.

High powered offenses get antsy and start to force things when their time on the field is limited.

Can BM throw for 300 vs the Chefs?
But that probably will be a recipe for disaster as you do not want to get into a track meet with them.

They will need to rush for 200. (now if they can rush for 200 and throw for 300............)