2019 Pittsburgh Steelers


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But, as someone posted earlier Mason was serviceable until the Cleveland game and the 1st half of Cincy. If he plays the full three games at the end of the season we probably make the postseason. We held the Jets and Bill's in the teens. Baltimore scored 16 points off turnovers and special teams gaffes.
But enough of 19. What is the next direction at QB? Free agency? Cam? Jameis? Andy? Draft in 2021? Develop Mason? Blockbuster trade with Cincy for Joe or Tua?
I think that teams were starting to figure out Rudolph wasn't going to throw the ball downfield. Once that happened, he wasn't going to be successful.


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A sad, sad state of affairs...I think the steelers end up on Hard Knocks next season.

What a shameful display.....


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The St

The Steelers will NEVER be on hard knocks.... EVER
I bet they are this year.
Three ways to stay off of it.....
Cannot have a first year coach.
Be in the playoffs the last two seasons.
Be on hard knocks the last ten years.

Steelers fit the bill and would be an attractive team to profile for HBO.

Teams eligible are:
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Detroit Lions
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Denver Broncos

I bet they make a hard play for the steelers as, HOPEFULLY, this will be one of the rare times they are eligible.
ANY team can be on it if they volunteer, but doubtful anyone would who is not on that list.

The NFL can FORCE once of those teams do to so.

We will see how much power the Rooney's have...


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Thanks for the education guys!
I know they wont volunteer, but out of those teams the Steelers would be the lead choice from the NFLs perspective far and away