2019 OHSAA Last Man Standing (Week 5)


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Okay, so have to get through two weeks worth of picks here. So, keep an eye on what's listed below. First, Week 3:

We had several participants from Week 1 to 2 fail to submit picks. They were given the option to make two picks to continue. Only two of them even submitted a single pick. ex_dc_atc (6 points) and redskinfbco92 (who picked Anderson over Harrison, who lost 6-0 in overtime and are out regardless).

I'll give ex_dc_atc a brief reprieve into the next week, with a mandatory second pick due in Week 5. Assuming he makes it there (I will update this thread with Week 4 results in just a little while later tonight).

Struthersfan was wrong in Week 2, but submitted a pick for Week 3. However, that won't count.

Aside from the aforementioned redskinfbco92, no one else was incorrect with their picks this week. So, we will go to points. And two participants will go out on points. As prophesied in an earlier week, brian1227 is out thanks to Benedictine's absolute dismantling of Cleveland Central Catholic. Coincidentally enough, the worst pick of the week was also the Benedictine game, where dukie picked them to win by only 36. So, we bid adieu to brian and dukie.

Which means our Lucky Duck of the Week belongs to another player who picked Benedictine: nupanther. He had picked them to win by 40. Just one point over brian1227's pick. This made him off by only 24, and safe. iwasthatguy gets a hat tip for being only one point better than nupanther, as well.

On the far end of the spectrum, we had three correct picks. a_td with a 35 point win by Coldwater, Jaws31 with a 20 point win by Champion over Py Valley, and SNUGGLES with the last minute submission of Kirtland by 30 over Geneva.

And lastly, High School84 didn't submit a pick for Week 3 and is out, pending a make-up pick (I'll get to that).

So, week 3 results are as follows:

Pick    Margin    Result
INC    INC    INC    redskinfbco92
DNP    DNP    DNP    ex_dc_atc
DNP    DNP    DNP    High School84
36    64    28    dukie
39    64    25    brian1227
40    64    24    nupanther
43    20    23    iwasthatguy
24    3    21    Who
38    21    17    TroyTrojan05
17    33    16    hammer89
26    40    14    Carl Rick
28    42    14    NEOsportsfan09
35    49    14    WJ-OSU-STEELERS
43    31    12    LICKING COUNTY FAN
45    33    12    Worm02
42    31    11    adselder09
45    34    11    danville96
7    17    10    PeterDragon
30    40    10    Spread All Day
40    49    9    E.S. Furgeson
24    33    9    TheDude89
45    36    9    theterribletowel
40    32    8    dnis30
28    21    7    BoltsFan06
30    37    7    kyles_mom
35    41    6    Spencer
45    40    5    HE74
31    35    4    ReadyKnightsFan
30    33    3    doubtme
46    48    2    CoachRuxin
35    33    2    Qwertyqwerty
21    23    2    YODA14
35    35    0    a_td
20    20    0    Jaws31
30    30    0    SNUGGLES

And on to Week 4 results. Since High School84 didn't submit picks for Week 4, there's nothing more to do. ex_dc_atc didn't submit a pick at all. We had two participants make late picks, both making a secondary makeup pick. theterribletowel was off by 9 total (if you see his total below, that's why it's listed like that, it was two games), as was SNUGGLES. However, SNUGGLES wasn't so lucky.

On to the results...

Spencer had picked Perry over Jackson. And they lost. We still will have two go out on points. And the aforementioned SNUGGLES had unfortunately picked the Mentor-Elyria game and was off by quite a bit. So, the two game combined put them at 34 off, total (the pick was submitted via direct message, for those curious).

However, one participant did go just one point worse... and that was Carl Rick who picked Indian Hill over Deer Park and was off by 35 points.

The Lucky Duck of the Week award winning didn't need much luck. hammer89 was off by only 23, picking the Licking Valley-Utica game.

On the far end of the spectrum, nobody made a correct pick. However E.S. Furgeson and CoachRuxin were both off by one a single, lonely point.

We also have an interloper. gclrules made a correct pick of La Salle over Dunbar by 38, who won by 30. gclrules may continue.... but will need to make a combined FOUR GAME PICK for Week 5. Total margin of all 4 games tallied and against the rest of the field. If they are one of the two worst picks, they'll be out. However, they won't take the spot of a regular participant getting out on points .

On to the stats:

Result    Pick    Margin   
INC    INC    INC    Spencer
35    21    56    Carl Rick
34    0    34    SNUGGLES
23    38    61    hammer89
20    30    10    Spread All Day
19    20    39    Who
15    34    49    LICKING COUNTY FAN
14    35    49    NEOsportsfan09
14    20    6    dnis30
14    20    34    doubtme
14    20    34    YODA14
14    14    28    adselder09
13    28    41    ReadyKnightsFan
10    24    34    BoltsFan06
10    24    14    TheDude89
9    0    9    theterribletowel
8    42    34    HE74
8    25    33    Qwertyqwerty
7    28    35    WJ-OSU-STEELERS
7    22    29    iwasthatguy
6    35    41    kyles_mom
6    28    34    Worm02
4    48    44    danville96
4    47    51    nupanther
4    15    11    Jaws31
3    30    33    PeterDragon
2    32    34    TroyTrojan05
2    26    24    a_td
1    36    35    E.S. Furgeson
1    35    34    CoachRuxin
For week 5, all picks must be in by 7pm on Thursday, September 26th. No later than that. Also, a reminder, all games must be between Ohio schools. If you fail to submit a pick on time, please contact me and you can make a penalty pick via private message.

ALso, if you submit a pick and want to change it, just reply anew at the bottom of the thread. Leave your old post alone. I will go with whatever the most recent legal pick is. If I see you edited or deleted a post, you will be out. Assuming I catch you.

Also, since I don't think I stated it this year, if you fail to submit a margin, the default is 30 points.

And, for the foreseeable future, we will be booting two participants a week via points until the numbers get a bit slimmer into the playoffs. So, good luck everybody.
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I apologize, my picks didn't apparently post last week. Here are two picks for Week 5:

Valley View over Monroe by 35
Alter over Ponitz Tech by 42