2019 OHSAA Last Man Standing (Week 3)


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Okay, apologize again for the inability to run down the scores to see who is out. If you didn't make an incorrect pick, go ahead and submit your pick by Friday at 7pm. Do not pick a Thursday or Friday afternoon game. Game must kickoff at least at 7pm Friday or later.

If you're late getting your pick in you must make two picks and your total margin is used against the field.

I hope this evening to go through scores and say who's out after last week.


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Don't apologize Sykotyk- thx for doing this.

Cleveland Benedictine 40 over Cleveland Central Catholic
I don't think my post went through last week, (It was supposed to be Greenon by 49) can I make 2 picks this week?
If so:
Avon by 43 over Lakewood
Avon Lake by 30 over Berea-Midpark


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I don't think my post went through last week, (It was supposed to be Greenon by 49) can I make 2 picks this week?
If so:
Avon by 43 over Lakewood
Avon Lake by 30 over Berea-Midpark
I only see your Shaw-jfk pick. So that's what I'll use. Which game do you want to count this week? Avon or Avon Lake?


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We had a record number fail to participate last week. So, this week, only ONE participant is going out on points. That honor is bestowed upon Chop Stix. Who was off by 21 points.

That means the lucky duck of the week belongs to brian1227 who was off by 20 points.

Foster and Struthersfan both fell at the hands of Louisville who upset Hoover.

Meanwhile, BucksFan937, auscon, adog, 93 red Is, ex_dc_atc, Knights22, redskinfbco92, shadow1479, SteelerBacker, suplex21 and typeman all failed to submit picks.

As I have done customarily, you may make TWO picks, but each pick will be judged separately against the field for you eleven. The worst pick, that is.

We had Spencer join the fray, and to continue playing will need to make two picks this weekend to continue. His picks will be COMBINED picks against the field. Meanwhile, kudos to adselder09 who needed to make combined picks, and was only off by 7 on the initial pick, and nailed the St. X-Colerain game with a 7 point margin to stay comfortably in the game.

Also, hat tip to Carl Rick, who managed to be the only participant to nail their pick.

Now, in the list below, I may have reversed your pick with the final result. Don't worry, the difference between your pick and the result remain the same no matter which column the two numbers are listed in. if I made a mistake that harms you (and this week, that could only fall on one participant), let me know. If an error benefited you, congrats on the free pass.

Also, to last year's champion who hasn't yet received their prize. Sorry about that. I had mailed out prizes last year for the winner of this contest and another, and it seems neither went out. I've not gotten to Walmart for another gift card, so just hang tight I should hopefully have one in the mail by Monday at the latest. But, I'm a procrastinator. So....

On to results:

Result    Margin    Pick  
L    L    L     Foster
L    L    L    Struthersfan
DNP    DNP    DNP    BucksFan937
DNP    DNP    DNP    auscon
DNP    DNP    DNP    adog
DNP    DNP    DNP    93 red ls
DNP    DNP    DNP    ex_dc_atc
DNP    DNP    DNP    Knights22
DNP    DNP    DNP    redskinfbco92
DNP    DNP    DNP    shadow1479
DNP    DNP    DNP    SteelerBacker
DNP    DNP    DNP    suplex21
DNP    DNP    DNP    typeman
21    49    28    Chop Stix
20    56    36    brian1227
18    31    49    YODA14
17    42    59    High School84
17    28    45    theterribletowel
16    40    56    nupanther
15    29    14    E.S. Furgeson
15    41    56    HE74
14    14    28    a_td
14    35    49    doubtme
14    35    21    kyles_mom
14    21    35    ReadyKnightsFan
14    35    21    TroyTrojan05
14    35    49    Worm02
12    24    36    Jaws31
12    44    56    SNUGGLES
10    21    31    BoltsFan06
10    30    20    LICKING COUNTY FAN
9    50    59    danville96
8    20    28    Spencer
7    49    42    adselder09
7    17    10    NEOsportsfan09
7    35    42    PeterDragon
7    40    47    Qwertyqwerty
7    28    35    Who
6    35    41    TheDude89
5    24    19    dnis30
5    38    43    iwasthatguy
3    25    28    hammer89
3    50    47    Spread All Day
2    22    24    dukie
2    35    37    WJ-OSU-STEELERS
1    60    59    CoachRuxin
0    42    42    Carl Rick