2019 - 2020 Canton McKinley Boys Basketball Schedule


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It's January 28, 2020

2019 - 2020 Canton McKinley Boys Basketball Schedule

2019 - 2020 Season Record (13 - 2)

01. 11/2719 Youngstown East___________Home - WON - (81 - 50)

02. 12/06/19 Canton GlenOak____________Away - LOST - (65 - 71)

03. 12/10/19 Massillon Perry_____________Away - WON - (59 - 47)

04. 12/14/19 Butler, Pa__________________Away - WON - (84 - 72)

05. 12/20/19 Uniontown Green__________ Home - WON - (53 - 46)

06. 12/21/19 Cleveland St Ignatius_______Away - LOST - (53 - 75)

07. 12/29/19 Coach Q Holiday___________
____________Shoutout Tourney
____________Lima Senior_______________Away - WON - (82 -70)

08. 01/03/20 Massillon Jackson_________Away - WON - (54 - 40)

09. 01/04/20 Maple Heights____________ Home - WON - (70 - 55)

10. 01/07/20 North Canton Hoover______Home - WON - (63 - 58)

11. 01/10/20 Uniontown Lake___________Away - WON - (70 - 46)

12. 01/14/20 Canton GlenOak__________ Home - WON - (70 - 60)

13. 01/17/20 Massilon Perry____________Home - WON - (62 - 56)

14. 01/26/20 Lewis Center Olentangy___Home - WON - (79 - 59)

15. 01/28/20 Massillon Washington_____Away - WON - (66 - 51)

16. 01/31/20 Uniontown Green_________Away

17. 02/04/20 Massillon Jackson________Home

18. 02/07/20 North Canton Hoover _____Away

19. 02/11/20 Akron St Vincent St Mary_ Home

20. 02/14/20 Uniontown Lake__________Home

21. 02/15/20 Wooster_________________ Away

22. 02/21/20 Akron Butchel____________Home

Returning Players

00. Kobe Johnson_________________________6' 3"_________JR
02. Jalen Ross____________________________6' 2"_________SR
04. Brent Walker__________________________6' 6"_________JR
11. Xavier Black__________________________ 6' 1"________ JR
12. James McCollough____________________6' 1"_________JR
13. Mehki Smith__________________________ 5' 8"_________JR
14. RJ Petties____________________________ 5' 7"_________JR
15. CJ Hall_______________________________5' 9"_________SR
21. Jasper Robinson______________________6' 5"_________SR
23. Jonah Lytle___________________________5' 9"_________JR


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Lewis Center Olentangy has lost ALOT of very close games.

GO BULLDOGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Who is this next team McK plays next Lewis Center Olentangy
Suburban area of N. Columbus (in Delaware County)
lies North of Dublin and S.W. of City of Delaware
the area has a Zip code but is not incorporated
fairly moderate to high income
The area is growing by leaps and bounds
there are now 4 high schools in the local school district
Olentangy is the oldest (1953) the other 3...
Liberty, Orange, and Berlin have all opened since 2003

FYI= former McK football coach Cross went to coach at Orange.




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So, what are my chances of getting tickets at the doors Tuesday at Massillon and Friday at Green? I can’t make it up to the field house this week because I don’t get off work until after they close?


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Looking forward to 1/28...

Basketball series....
McKinley Bulldogs / Massillon Tigers

Total Games = 182
Regular Season Games = 159
--- McK 114 / Mass 45
Tournament Games = 23
--- McK 20 / Mass 3
Overall Series
Wins McK = 134 / Mass 48

First game ever played (1912) was won by Massillon 20 / 16 McKinley

Longest victory strings...
McK: 24 games 1971 Tournament game thru 1993 regular season game (a 22 year span)
...includes 18 regular season and 6 tournament games
Massillon: 5 games ~ 1951 thru 1953 (all regular season)

Last Bulldog win: 2019 regular season (64 - 39)
Last Tiger win: 2017 regular season (66 - 60 1-OT)

Last Bulldog Tournament win: 2016 (85 - 59) @ Can.Civic Center 1st round Sectional Game
Last Tiger Tournament win: 2003 (71 - 67) @ Can.Civic Center District Final Game

9 Overtime games (all in regular season) Massillon leads (6 ~ 3)
7 single OT games & 2 triple OT with McKinley winning both

Miscellaneous notes:

The 3 Massillon tournament wins...
... 1937 (33 - 28) State Semi-Final @ Columbus State Fairgrounds Coliseum
... 1993 (62 - 61) District Semi-Final @ Can.Civic Center
... 2003 (71 - 67) District Final @ Can.Civic Center

From the onset of the series (1912) thru the 1968 season the teams met twice
each season on a home and home basis.
under this format 112 games were played with McKinley winning 74 & Massillon winning 38.
There were also 7 tournament 'Rubber' matches with McKinley winning 6.

In the regular season McKinley won 36~29; Massillon took the second game 44~33
and as noted above defeated the Pups in the Final-4... The Tigers lost to Hamilton in the title game 28~33.

1940... Back then 16 teams met for the final round of the tournament winners had 2 games a day
to advance. The undefeated Bulldogs (under 'Bup' Rearick) and Tigers (coached by Paul Brown)
after both winning 2 contests on Friday face off in the State Semi-Finals on Saturday with
McKinley being a favorite; the Pups had defeated Massillon in both earlier regular season
games ( 30~20 and 40 ~ 38 OT ). Rumor had it that Brown had uttered to Rearick that McKinley
may win the game but not win the Championship.
During the ensuing game, play became so rough that the officials stopped the game at one point
and warned the coaches to "Clean it up, you are not in Stark County". McKinley won the game
46 to 14 with Massillon not able to put 5 players on the floor in the closing minute.

McKinley had advanced to the Sweet-16 thru the NEO Youngstown tournament
Massillon advanced to the Sweet-16 thru the NEO Akron tournament
Entering the Tournament McKinley was undefeated; Massillon was 12-5

The 16 qualifers held at the State Fairgrounds Coliseum were...
Massillon, Bellefontaine, Akron Buchtel, Defiance, Canton McKinley, Martins Ferry, Findlay,
Marietta, Cincinnati Woodward, Canton Lehman, Dayton Fairview, Toledo Waite, Akron South,
Columbus Central, New Philadelphia, Bellevue.

Undefeated New Philadelphia beat McKinley 30-22 in the title game.


1945... A potential state title game between the Tigers and Bulldogs fell by the wayside
when both teams advanced to the Final-4 in Toledo (site of the Class A games University of
Toledo Fieldhouse / the Class B Final-4 were at Wittenberg College Gym in Springfield).
They were put in seperate halves of the bracket; Massillon lost to Bellevue 47 ~ 44,
and McKinley dropped a closer game to Middletown 29 ~ 28. Bellevue defeated the Middies
in the Title game 36 ~ 34.


There were no regular season games in 1987, '88, '89, '90 due to a site dispute in
the mid 1980-s. Massillon played it's home games in their cracker-box gym and in a
scheduled home game against Barberton (Bodner twins year) Massillon moved their home
game to Canton's Civic Center to accommodate the expected huge crowd (apx. 4K).
Conversely a few years later McKinley requested Massillon to move a scheduled Tiger
home game to the Civic Center to allow the huge McKinley following to attend. Massillon
refused the request and when the current 4 year contract expired, McKinley declined to
renew; the hiatus lasted for 4 years eliminating 4 regular season games, although the
two rivals would meet twice in OHSAA tournament play (the Bulldogs winning both).
The regular series was renewed in 1991 as Massillon had built a new school with a
larger gym.


Special credit to DaveDawg who keeps the records available online at CantonMcKinley.com


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Won't be easy in TigerTown,Let's Go Pups!
If the Tigers can control Walker they will have a chance, the Tigers really had trouble with the big kid from Stow and I know Walker is way better then he is.
I’ll be shocked if this game isn’t close in the last 3 minutes.


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Big rivalry game @ Massillon tonight. Tigers (10-3) think they will win, so go over there in numbers and support our Pups! Expect a very physical approach from the Tigers, who play mostly athletes from their football team and want this game very, very badly. THIS GAME MIGHT NOT BE BROADCAST! So get over there and represent! Could be a thriller! ;-)

Always, always keep the faith!

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McK Freshman beat Massillon 74-39.

Currently end of 3rd in JV game. Massillon leads 27-25.

Game is on ESPN 990, radio and streaming online.


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Good to see the improvement in the Tiger basketball program. When our teams are both winning, just as in football, it makes for a great atmosphere and contest. The coaching @Massillon looks much better than it did a few years back. Their defensive intensity was real good. Believe it or not, the Tiger jv team is undefeated, so they should continue to keep competitiveness alive for years to come.

Our team is such fun to watch! Hope they never graduate! Lol!

Always keep the faith!



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Green is better than the first time we played them and they have there best player back.

Plus Green wants revenge.Me thinks there will be a rubber match in the District.