2013/2014 USA Swimming Scholastic All Americans

We all know how fast the swimming in Ohio is... but to combine that with excellence in the classroom is really something we all should take a moment to applaud. Below is the list (by USA team) of the Ohio men who this past year earned Scholastic All-American honors. Well done guys!! :party:

Cincinnati Aquatic Club
Jack Mantkowski, Samuel Vester

Cincinnati Marlins
Jonathan Prangley

Dayton Raiders
Jackson Higgins, Nathaniel Lowry, Brock Turner

Findlay Area Swim Team
Justin Hopkins

Firestone Akron Swim Team
Michael Reilman

Great Lakes Sailfish Swimming
Jared Stergar

Hudson Explorer Aquatics
Donald Moffa, Ross Palazzo

Kingfish Aquatic Club
Jonathan Ericksen

Lake Erie Silver Dolphins
Jason Quinn, Henry Senkfor

Mason Manta Rays
Justin Hove

Mercy Healthplex Seawolves
Pearce Kieser, Macjilton Lewis, Matthew Marquardt, Samuel McManus, William Moran

New Albany Aquatics Club
Samuel Wagner

North East Ohio Nemesis
Mason Beck

Ohio State Swim Club
Jack Saczawa

Penguin Swimming
Daniel Bogen

Solon Stars Swim Club
Christopher Guo, Grant Pinchot

Michael Pichette

United Swim Association
James McGraw, John Scott

University Swim Club
Kingsley Bowen


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USAWP also listed Academic All-Americans:

These athletes were named USAWP Academic All-American from Moose WP
Courtney Fisher
Maddie Franzoni
Emma Griffith
Greg Gruseck
Hannah Kast
Allison Ney
Melissa Nguyen
Megan Wolf

Pretty awesome to see so many stand out athletes in and out of the pool!