1987 Class AAA Amherst Regional - RFI (Request for Information)


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Can anyone confirm Toledo DeVilbiss listed Region 2 record (41.69) as coming from the 1987 Amherst regional on 30 May 1987?


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The 1987 state meet program shows Toledo DeVibiss running in lane four of heat two with a regional qualifying time of 41.69. They are the only team listed as running under 42.00 from the four regional meets. What happened to them in the state finals? They didn't finish in the top six as scoring places ranged from Eastmoor's 42.04 to Patterson's 42.71. Eastmoor's win was a surprise since they had the 14th fastest qualifying time from the regionals 42.89
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Attached results summary from the May 31, 1987 Cleveland Plain Dealer which lists all the state qualifiers and their regional performances from Day 2 of the meet.


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Gentlemen, thank you very much for confirming this information! That fills out one of the last pieces of missing information left in my all-time top-50 relays lists. Looking like it'll take low-41.7 range to make that list at this point in time.