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Deafheaven - Infinite Granite (2021)

My Ratings: 71.979
Rank: 1501 (out of 2168)

Best Song: Shellstar [77.0]

Shoegaze Metal

Deafheaven really changed their style for this one going from Black Metal to Shoegaze but it actually sounded decent for the first half but the 2nd half did not get it done for it. 2 tracks will make my playlist and overall I liked about half of the album but not nearly as much as the more heavier version of the band.


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Watched AXS the other evening and they had on a bio doc about Jimi Hendrix, when speaking about his influences on Rock music Bill Ward spoke about how Sabbath's primary influence was Jimi Hendrix. He even called out that War Pigs was basically a rip off of this>

Before it was War Pigs it was Walpurgis. The record company said it was too evil so they had to change it a bit.....


[Verse 1]
Witches gather at black masses
Bodies burning in red ashes
On the hill the church in ruins
Is the scene of evil doings
It's the place for all black sinners
Watch them eating dead rat's innards
I guess it's the same
Wherever you may go
Oh, Lord, yeah!

[Verse 2]
Carry banners which denounce the lord
See me rocking in my grave
See them anoint my head with dead rat's blood
See them stick this stake through me
Lord hold me back I just gotta go
They got a hold of my soul now
Lord can my brain escape what blood I'm seeing
Look in my eyes and bear it all, yeah!

[Guitar Solo]

[Verse 3]
On the scene, a priest appears
Sinners falling at his knees
Satan sends out funeral pyre
Casts the priest into the fire
It's the place for all bad sinners
Watch them eating dead rat's innards
I guess its the same
Wherever you may go
Oh, Lord, yeah!



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Between the Buried and Me - Colors II (2021)

My Ratings: 68.692
Rank: 1931 (out of 2169)

Best Song: The Double Helix of Extinction [75.2]

Progressive Metalcore

When did this band go Prog??? This is actually the first album I've heard from them but had heard some songs from them before. This album was nothing like what I had heard before.... I only liked a few tracks on this one as it was just got too proggy and beyond.


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Heavy Metal Family Tree - Doom Metal

--- Doom Metal - Traditional
--- Doom Metal - Epic

Now that I am much older Doom Metal has become my favorite sub-genre of Heavy Metal. It slows everything down and is strongly influenced by the early Black Sabbath albums. Doom Metal definition:

--- Low tuned distorted thicker sounding guitars
--- Slower tempo's w/ repetition
--- Both music and lyrics bring out a sense of despair and depending doom
--- Blues scales

Early Doom metal is typically broken into two groups, Traditional and Epic both of which are a bit faster than what Doom has evolved into.

Traditional Doom is not as slow as other forms of Doom and the guitars are not always tuned as low. Vocals are typically sung clean.

Epic Doom is similar to Traditional Doom but the vocals are sung more operatic and often include keyboards and a drumming style to make an "epic" type sound. While Traditional Doom sings about despair Epic Doom is more fantasy/mythology oriented.

example of Traditional Doom

Pentagram - Sign of the Wolf

example of epic doom
Candlemass - Hammer of Doom

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Traditional Doom


Saint Vitus - Saint Vitus (1984)

My Ratings: 75.210
Rank: 813 (out of 2170)

Best Song: Burial at Sea [77.0]

Traditional Doom

One of the first Traditional Doom bands and debut album.


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Epic Doom


Solstice - New Dark Age (1998)

My Ratings: 70.605
Rank: 1742 (out of 2171)

Best Song: Cimmerian Codex [77.6]

Epic Doom Metal

This album is mentioned in lists of the top 25 Epic Doom Albums and frankly I do not see why. The musicianship is great but the lead vocals are far to desire and lack the range. I only liked half of the tracks and an album that is over an hour long the vocals got very tiring for me.


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Wormwood - Arkivet (2021)

My Ratings: 71.927
Rank: 1522 (out of 2172)

Best Song: The Archive [75.6]

Melodic Black Metal

Liked 3 of the 7 tracks with the other 4 being just OK. This was the 3rd album I've heard from them and liked it 2nd. This album was more Melodic than the others.


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Leprous - Aphelion (2021)

My Ratings: 68.680
Rank: 1936 (out of 2173)

Best Song: Running Low [75.6]

Progressive Rock

3rd Leprous album I've heard and I was split on the previous two. They continued with the more rock than metal on this one and well, I just don't care that much for the guys voice. Just way too high for too long with no mix. The music though was pretty good. Overall I did not care for the album only liking 3 of the 10 tracks.


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Heavy Metal Family Tree - Black Metal

To me, Black Metal is like an evil Speed Metal that was spawned from Vikings.

--- Very fast double drum beats
--- Guitars are higher pitched, heavily distorted, fast un-muted tremolo picking and power chords with a sense of dread.
--- Bass guitar does not stand out and often mimic guitars
--- Vocals are high streak and raspy with lyrics being mainly about Viking Mythology, Anti Christian, Struggle, and Paganism.
--- Black Metal is atmospheric.
--- Black Metal bands are often all in white and black corpse face paint and seldom play live calling live performances rituals and not entertainment.

example of Black Metal

Immortal - Norden on Fire



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Black Metal


Immortal - Diabolic Fullmoon Mysticism (1992)

My Ratings: 73.213
Rank: 1253

Best Song: Cold Winds and Funeral Dust [74.4]

Black Metal

Immortal is one of the few Black Metal bands that I like. I just like Abbath's raspy voice. This was Immortal's debut album and out of the 6 albums I have heard this one is the middle of the pack.


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I think I am going to go in alphabetical order for the rest of the metal genres and sub-genres.

Heavy Metal Family Tree - Alternative Metal

Alternative Metal is the fusion of Alternative Rock and Metal..... Alternative Metal is pretty broad.
--- down tuned guitars, mid paced guitar riffs aka "chug"
--- mixture of melodic and harsh vocals
--- unconventional metal sounds

example of Alternative Metal: Godsmack - Awake



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Alternative Metal


Helmet - Aftertaste (1997)

My Ratings: 73.392
Rank: 1218 (out of 2175)

Best Song: Exactly What You Wanted [76.2]

Alternative Metal

Helmet is a band that I am familiar with playing the heck out of their "Meantime" album back in the day. That was one great album. The others though just don't come close to measuring up. Aftertaste was an attempt to get back to that raw sound and away from the experimental "jazz" tones of the "Betty" album. Well, for the most part it worked for me. While still a far cry from "Meantime" this will be one that I will play more as time goes on and overall a solid album!


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Ex Deo - The Thirteen Years of Nero (2021)

My Ratings: 74.360
Rank: 1001 (out of 2176)

Best Song: Son of the Defiled [77.0]

Symphonic Death Metal

1st time hearing this band and I liked most of it. Did not overdo the Symph and the vocals sounded familiar......


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Heavy Metal Family Tree - Alternative - Funk Metal

Funk Metal branches from Alternative Metal and is a fusion of Alternative Metal and Funk with a taste of "thrash metal" guitar riffs..... Funk metal really relies on a slap bass style that gets your body moving with syncopated rhythm's.

example of Funk Metal

Infectious Grooves - I'm Gonna Be My King



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Funk Metal


Infectious Grooves - The Plague that Makes Your Body Moves (1991)

My Ratings: 72.060
Rank: 1489 (out of 2177)

Best Song: I'm gonna be my King [81.0]

Funk Metal

This was a band that spawned from Suicidal Tendencies and my buddy just loved them but I did not. Well, about 30 years now later I gave it another shot and it wasn't that bad. I actually really liked 3 tracks that made it to my playlist but then there were other ones I just could not stand.


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Iron Maiden - Senjutsu (2021)

My Ratings: 72.900
Rank: 1325 (out of 2178)

Best Song: Stratego [75.6]

Heavy Metal

Not too bad but it was just missing something.


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Apallic - Edge of Desolation (2021)

My Ratings: 70.779
Rank: 1723 (out of 2179)

Best Song: At the Shores of Acheron [73.6]

Progressive Death Metal

This one had the brutal death type vocals for most of it which I do not care for but the music was decent.....


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Heavy Metal Family Tree - Alternative - Nu

Nu Metal.... well, many bands started out as Nu but then changed as this genre took off in the late 90's early 2000's and then just died...... Korn would be the first band that comes to mind as well as Slipknot, Mudvayne, and In Flames..... what is Nu Metal.... to me it is kind of a groovy anger driven metal with hip hop influences..... but lets see the definition.

--- Alternative Metal that fuses elements of Hip Hop, Funk, Industrial, and Grunge
--- Syncopated and based off on Guitar Riffs, lack guitar solo's
--- Tuned down guitars, often 7 stringed.
--- Vocal styles can range from singing, rapping to growling.... and content are mostly angry
--- Focuses on rhythm and not complexity

example of Nu Metal .... Deftones - 7 Words



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Spineshank - The Height of Callousness (2000)

My Ratings: 69.892
Rank: 1813 (out of 2180)

Best Song: Asthmatic [77.0]


I played the heck out of their 1998 "Strictly Diesel" album back in the day but never really cared for anything else they did and while this one started out pretty decent with the opening track being my favorite it soon became just meh and faded quickly just like the genre did.


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Heavy Metal Family Tree - Alternative - Rap Metal

I am not a fan of Rap but I have seen enough shows that a Rap Metal band has been on and one of those bands I actually liked called Hed PE. Rap Metal is your Rage Against the Machine, Limp Biztkit, Kid Rock, etc. Rap Metal is a fusion of Rap/Hip Hop and Metal.... duh but what defines it.

--- Heavy Metal Guitar Riffs
--- Funk Metal Elements
--- Rapped Vocals
--- Often use turntables....

example of Rap Metal

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Rap Metal


Rage Against the Machine - The Battle of Los Angeles (1999)

My Ratings: 68.137
Rank: 1978 (out of 2181)

Best Song: Testify [75.6]

Rap Metal

I like the heavier stuff but not the too much preachy rap rap stuff. Not a fan of Rap in fact I just cannot stand it. Sometimes in metal I can deal with it but not likely during the course of a whole album. When it comes to Rage and their 3 albums the first one is the one I liked the best and frankly a couple of tracks is the reason. Did not like anything from Evil Empire and only liked a couple of tracks off of this one. Just do not get into this genre......


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Heavy Metal Family Tree - Alternative - rap metal - Trap Metal

I have no idea what trap metal was..... I looked it up....

--- also known as Ragecore, Death Rap, Industrial Trap, and Scream Rap
--- Fuses Trap with Heavy Metal as well as Industrial and Nu Metal. (Trap is slang for drug house and Trap Music lyrical intent is that of drugs and violence. Uses synthesized drums, complex high hat patterns....)
--- Distorted beats
--- Hip hop flows
--- harsh vocals
--- tuned down guitars

OK.... this sounds like something I won't like...... Scarlxrd seems to be the one mentioned a lot in Trap Metal and I listened to some of it and could not last more than a minute. Tried more could not stand it. Finally found one heavily influenced by Industrial that I could listen to.....

example of Industrial Trap



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Trap Metal (Industrial Trap)


Ghostemane - Anti-Icon (2020)

My Ratings: 68.284
Rank: 1970 (out of 2182)

Best Song: Hydrochloride [75.0]

Industrial Trap Metal

Liked 4 of the 13 tracks. This is just a genre that I am not going to care too much for. This album had elements of bands I am familiar with such as KMFDM, Pig, NIN, and Marilyn Manson which helped me make it through it all. This album was rated as one of the top Trap Metal albums.


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Carcass - Torn Arteries (2021)

My Ratings: 73.360
Rank: 1226 (out of 2183)

Best Song: Under the Scalpel Blade [76.4]

Death Metal

1st time listening to this band. A bit melodic, a bit groove with raspy death vocals.... liked 8 of the 10 tracks.


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Heavy Metal Family Tree - Avant-Garde Metal

This is another one of those vague genres but I have never looked up the definition to be totally sure what it is. To me, it is just a type of experimental metal that has unconventional structure to it with atmosphere and typically associated with Progressive, Death, and Black metal but I will look it up and see what is going on with it.

--- Closely related to Progressive Metal
--- Experimentation with unusual sounds,
--- Unconventional
--- New elements
--- Often use electrical percussion/drum machines
--- Vocals are typically operatic
--- Unusual time signatures

example of Avant-Garde Metal



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Avant-Garde Metal


In The Woods - Omnio (1997)

My Ratings: 75.470
Rank: 756 (out of 2184)

Best Song: Omnio? - Pre [76.2]

Avant-Garde/Progressive Metal

Once I got used to the vocals it wasn't that bad but rather quite good. This would be one that would grow on me in time. May listen to more of this group in the future.....


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A Pale Horse Named Death - Infernum in Terra (2021)

My Ratings: 79.860
Rank: 243 (out of 2185)

Best Song: Believe in Something [88.0]

Gothic Doom Metal

Someone said this was a cross between Alice 'n Chains and Type of Negative and I can hear that. I really liked this album even though it did get a bit stagnant but it is gothy and doomy enough so be it. Wouldn't mind adding this one to my collection with several tunes hitting my playlist.


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Ikarie - Cuerpos En Sombra (2021)

My Ratings: 75.820
Rank: 688 (out of 2186)

Best Song: Redencion [78.2]

Death Doom/Post Metal

Debut album. Blend of Death Doom and Post with some sludge here and there. Atmospheric.... can't make out the lyrics and even if I could they are in Spanish anyhow so there is that. Sounds good to me... liked all of it!


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KK's Priest - Sermons of the Sinner (2021)

My Ratings: 76.001
Rank: 651 (out of 2187)

Best Song: Sermons of the Sinner [86.0]

Heavy Metal

Judas Priest has split in two and this is KK Downing's version with Tim "Ripper" Owens on vocals. This sounds everything like a Priest album with the familiar Riffs that KK Downing brings. Liked all but two tracks which were the two longest on the album. Some great tracks as well like the title track, Hellfire Thunderbolt, and Sacerdote Y Diablo.


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Ministry - Moral Hygiene (2021)

My Ratings: 74.980
Rank: 875 (out of 2188)

Best Song: Alert Level [81.6]

Industrial Metal

Al is back and as we know this album will be very political. Well, I had to turn off my ears for a bit while he spatters about the hate he has for Trump ... and the constant b>ching about everything but giving no solutions.... OK, so I had just dig in and check out the sound which was pretty good. Overall though it is just another album that fails to be put in the light of Psalm 69. I did like most of it though but nothing really great other than the opening track.