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Universe - Universe (1971)

My Ratings: 67.981
Rank: 1776 (out of 1969)

Best Song: Twilight Winter [74.4]

Blues Rock

Just could not get into this one....


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Mountain Tamer - Godfortune Dark Matters (2018)

My Ratings: 78.110
Rank: 345 (out of 1970)

Best Song: Living In Vain Pt.1 [84.0]

Stoner Rock

2nd album from them I have now heard and for some reason I get a Janes Addiction/Porno for Pyro's feel though it does not sound like it..... not sure why but anyhow 11 more tracks that I all like. I will be looking up their discography as well as adding to my collection!


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Electric Hydra - Electric Hydra (2020)

My Ratings: 74.680
Rank: 841 (out of 1971)

Best Song: 1000 Lies [75.4]

Hard Rock

Pretty consistent debut album but nothing really sticks out.....


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Hydra - From Light to the Abyss (2020)

My Ratings: 73.610
Rank: 1054 (out of 1972)

Best Song: When the Devil's Coming Down [76.0]

Doom Metal

Started out pretty good but then the vocals grew old.....


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Hatebreed - Weight of the False Self (2020)

My Ratings: 74.137
Rank: 947 (out of 1973)

Best Song: Let Them All Rot [81.0]



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Sodom - Genesis XIX (2020)

My Ratings: 72.546
Rank: 1261 (out of 1974)

Best Song: Nicht mehr mein Land [74.0]

Thrash Metal

This one sounded more like there older stuff, a more blackened.....


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Azarath - Saint Desecration (2020)

My Ratings: 70.820
Rank: 1530 (out of 1975)

Best Song: No Salvation [74.0]

Death Metal


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Diamond Head - Lightning to the Nations 2020 [2020]

My Ratings: 79.746
Rank: 238 (out of 1976)

Best Song: No Remorse [90.0]

Heavy Metal

40 years later....... Same tracks with 4 added cover songs... Who would think that a band that Metallica often covered would turn the corner and do the same with No Remorse.... lol, Solid metal album!!!!


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Revolting - The Shadow at the World's End (2020)

My Ratings: 71.357
Rank: 1451 (out of 1977)

Best Song: Defleshed [74.0]

Death Metal

Old school Death sound that was pretty raw..... this one will be a grower.


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Sealand Airlines - Sealand Airlines (2020)

My Ratings: 71.755
Rank: 1399 (out of 1978)

Best Song: Sailing Girl [75.0]

Progressive Art Rock

A bit different than what I typically listen to. Liked 6 of the 8 tracks.....


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Gama Bomb - Sea Savage (2020)

My Ratings: 70.503
Rank: 1574 (out of 1979)

Best Song: Miami Supercops [75.0]

Thrash Metal

I only liked half the songs but the album cover is pretty sweet. I guess this concept album is about an aquatic Yeti..... make the movie and I'll watch it!!!!


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Green Druid - At The Maw of Ruin (2020)

My Ratings: 79.293
Rank: 266 (out of 1980)

Best Song: A Throne Abandoned [82.6]

Doom Metal

Really dug this one especially when it got crunchy..... another one I will add to my collection.....


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Samsara Blues Experiment - End of Forever (2020)

My Ratings: 79.699
Rank: 237 (out of 1981)

Best Song: End of Forever [83.0]

Psychedelic/Stoner Rock

Stumbled on this one by accident and sure glad I did..... The song Southern Sunset sounded a lot like Santana!!!!! Very trippy surreal feel with this one and another to add to my collection!!!


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Draconian - Under a Godless Veil (2020)

My Ratings: 71.940
Rank: 1366 (out of 1982)

Best Song: The Sacrificial Flame [78.6]

Gothic Doom Metal

Really could not get into this one and I must be in the minority as it is one of the top metal albums of 2020 according to Metal Edge fans...... Liked this one the least of the Draconian discography I have heard....


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Fullminator - Omniplasm (2020)

My Ratings: 70.730
Rank: 1553 (out of 1983)

Best Song: Artificial Immolator [75.0]

Punk Thrash Metal


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The Allman Brothers Band - The Allman Brothers Band (1969)

My Ratings: 77.985
Rank: 359 (out of 1984)

Best Song: Whipping Post [83.4]

Southern Rock

Solid debut album.... though I do like some songs better on "Idlewild South" this album I like slightly better overall.....


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The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground (1969)

My Ratings: 72.101
Rank: 1333

Best Song: What Goes On [77.0]

Folk Rock

Not a huge fan of them but I did like this album the best. Also was intrigued by the song "The Murder Mystery" ..... there is only one more in the discography I have not listened to and that would be "Squueze" but I doubt I will as Reed does not appear on it.


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Traffic - Mr. Fantasy (1967)

My Ratings: 73.061
Rank: 1161 (out of 1986)

Best Song: Mr. Fantasy [84.0]

Psychedelic Rock

Debut album and my first time listening to this band. I liked the more straight forward songs than the Beatlesesque type tracks.


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In Mourning - The Weight of Oceans (2012)

My Ratings: 74.357
Rank: 906 (out of 1987)

Best Song: Voyage of a Wavering Mind [77.0]

Progressive Melodic Death Metal

1st time listening and for the most part it sounded pretty good to me.


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Grand Funk Railroad - Phoenix (1972)

My Ratings: 71.460
Rank: 1452 (out of 1988)

Best Song: Someone [74.6]

Hard Rock

This was the 4th album I have heard from them and like it the least so far. There was 3 tracks near the end that I did not care for.


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Graveworm - (N)Utopia (2005)

My Ratings: 72.690
Rank: 1241 (out of 1989)

Best Song: Deep Inside [77.0]

Symphonic Black Metal

My favorite track on this one is actually a short instrumental so my favorite full track would be "Outside Down". Graveworm to me sounds a little bit like Cradle of the Filth but not as extreme. Liked the 2nd half of the album better than the first.... This was the 2nd album I have heard from them and liked the 2003 album much better.....
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Omen - Battle Cry (1984)

My Ratings: 73.680
Rank: 1048 (out of 1990)

Best Song: Be My Wench [77.0]

Power Metal

Power Metal is not really my forte as the vocals are more epic and front and center with the majority of it being in the tenor range. The higher toned guitar shredding solo's can also be annoying to my ear but the band Omen seems to be one of the few exceptions as I liked every track on this album. Will listen to more of them!


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Paul Revere & The Raiders - Midnight Ride (1966)

My Ratings: 70.474
Rank: 1591 (out of 1991)

Best Song: Steppin' Stone [81.0]

Pop Rock

Did not care for this one. Only liked 4 of the 11 tracks.....


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My Top 30 Metal/Rocks Albums of 2021

rank/album name/band/r=rock,m-metal/sub genre/my rating

01 Psychosis Ritual - Mountain Tamer r Stoner 84.270
02 Under Acid Hoof - Acid Mammoth m Doom 84.010
03 Unfold the God Man - Psychonaut m Post 83.868
04 Valhalla - Wolftooth r Stoner 83.223
05 Lightning to the Nations 2020 - Diamond Head m Heavy 79.746
06 End of Forever - Samsara Blues Experiment r Stoner/Psych 79.699
07 Beyond Darkness - Goden m Doom 79.583
08 Forgotten Days - Pallbearer m Doom 79.455
09 Puritan Masochism - Konvent m Doom Death 79.401
10 At The Maw of Ruin - Green Druid m Doom 79.293

11 The Woes of a Mortal Earth - Brimstone Coven r Stoner 79.193
12 Power Up - AC/DC r Hard 79.070
13 Generation Antichrist - Onslaught m Thrash 78.223
14 In the Beginning - Cro-Mags m Thrash Cross 78.068
15 Project: Regeneration Vol1 - Static X m Industrial 78.019
16 The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo - Mr. Bungle m Thrash 78.019
17 Dream Squasher - 16 [-(16)-] m Sludge 77.240
18 Through the Hollow - Mollassess r Prog Psych 77.157
19 California Cursed - Drain m Thrash/Cross 77.120
20 Rebirth By Blasphemy - Midnight m Black/Speed 77.120

21 Chilling Effect - River Cult r Psychedelic 77.090
22 Sanctuary - Alkymist m Doom Sludge Prog 77.030
23 Mount Hush - Mount Hush r Blues Psych 77.013
24 Welcome to Hel - Hjelvik m Heavy Blackened 76.920
25 Eye Of The Sun - Gypsybyrd r Stoner 76.893
26 Ascend to the Throne - Saints of Death m Groove 76.793
27 1692 - Frayle m Doom Atmos 76.779
28 Death Meditation - Funeral Leech m Death 76.760
29 Illuminati - God Dethroned m Death Blackn 76.680
30 Cosmic Ritual Supertrip - Black Rainbows r Stoner 76.537


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Amorphis - The Karelian Isthmus (1992)

My Ratings: 76.135
Rank: 574 (out of 1992)

Best Track: Black Embrace [77.0]

Death Metal

I wish I would of known about this album in 92 as I would of definitely bought it and played the crap out of it. This is some raw sounding Death Metal from Amorphis debut album. Amorphis is probably known more for a melodic heavy metal/rock but I guess in the beginning they were Death. I will definitely have to check out more of the early stuff.

Strangely while listening to the track Exile of the Sons of Iuisliu about in the middle they broke off into this guitar riff which was identical to a riff I wrote 6 years prior to this album in the garage band I was in!!!!! This probably happens all the time but this was the first time for me.....


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The Rolling Stones - 12X5 (1964)

My Ratings: 72.871
Rank: 1204 (out of 1993)

Best Track: It's All Over Now [86.0]


2nd US album by the Stones which are made up of mostly covers including all the tracks from their UK-EP. I did not care for any of their original material on this one.


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Traffic - Traffic (1968)

My Ratings: 71.741
Rank: 1416 (out of 1994)

Best Track: Forty Thousand Headman [84.6]

Psychedelic Rock


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Legion of the Damned - Sons of the Jackal (2007)

My Ratings: 72.420
Rank: 1295 (out of 1995)

Best Track: Infernal Wrath [78.0]

Thrash/Death Metal

Liked most of it.


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Cobalt - Eater of Birds [2007]

My Ratings: 71.474
Rank: 1458 (out of 1996)

Best Track: Cephaloped [73.0]

Black Metal

I really got into some of the guitar riffs/Drumming which happens to be played by the same person but as typical for me with Black Metal just could not get into the vocals..... This was a more older school Black Metal sound with some experimental going on. Fans of Black Metal have this album ranked pretty high.


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Frozen Soul - Crypt of Ice (2021)

My Ratings: 72.260
Rank: 1319 (out of 1997)

Best Track: Crypt of Ice [75.0]

Death Metal

First one for the year 2021 and it is an old school sounding Death band. There was not a track I really did not like but there was nothing special on this one.