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Atramentus - Stygian (2020)

My Ratings: 73.497
Rank: 1047 (out of 1915)

Best Song: Stygian III: Perennial Voyage [75.8]

Funeral Doom Metal

The best track on this album is over 26 minutes long.... there is a bunch of lyrics for this album but are they actually saying them? I don't think so.... I believe it is a story and the droning funeral doom goes with it.... that is how I took it.


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Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run (1975)

My Ratings: 76.655
Rank: 485 (out of 1914)

Best Song: Born to Run [84.0]

Heartland Rock

Not a fan of Bruce but there are a couple albums I like and this was one of them..... probably my 2nd favorite.
Interesting take as this is one of the essential classic rock albums of all time. For fans of heartland rock this is the "album" without a single track being a clunker. This also follows the classic 4 corners album format with an upbeat radio friendly hit opening up sides 1 & 2 and the epic like classic rock faves close out each side. Also one of the most parodied album covers of all time>



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Brimstone Coven - The Woes of a Mortal Earth (2020)

My Ratings: 79.193
Rank: 269 (out of 1916)

Best Song: When the World is Gone [85.0]

Stoner Rock

First 3 tracks were great. Really like the sound but I don't know anything about them..... if they have more albums out there I will definitely be checking them out.


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The Lovin' Spoonful - Do You Believe in Magic (1965)

My Ratings: 75.704
Rank: 628 (out of 1917)

Best Song: Blues in the Bottle [83.0]

Folk Rock

Nice mix with even some Bluegrass influence.... liked it much better than I thought I would.


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Below the Sun - Envoy (2015)

My Ratings: 75.727
Rank: 625 (out of 1918)

Best Song: Alone [77.0]

Progressive Doom Metal

From Russia, debut album and is very atmospheric as well. Not much vocals on this one but it still is pretty good....


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Unleash the Archers - Abyss (2020)

My Ratings: 71.692
Rank: 1378 (out of 1919)

Best Song: Soulbound [75.6]

Power Metal

First time listening to this band.... this goes down as another decent side one but did not like side two..... Some of the tracks had a touch of death metal in them which at times did not go with it.....


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The Band - Stage Fright (1970)

My Ratings: 73.921
Rank: 965 (out of 1920)

Best Song: The Shape I'm In [79.0]

Folk Rock


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Grand Funk Railroad - On Time (1969)

My Ratings: 75.481
Rank: 666 (out of 1921)

Best Song: Anybody's Answer [79.0]

Hard Rock

Debut album and likely not their best of 1969 but this one rocks..... will have to check out the Red Album soon.....


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Saga - Silent Knight (1980)

My Ratings: 71.055
Rank: 1459 (out of 1922)

Best Song: Don't Be Late [76.0]

Progressive/New Wave Rock

Wasn't sure what to expect here..... sounded like a combination of a poor Rush and Cars sound. The first two tracks were promising but then it turned into an 80's sound muffle. Nothing really terrible though but not enough for me to look for other albums by them.....


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The Howling Void - Shadows Over The Cosmos (2010)

My Ratings: 78.650
Rank: 297 (out of 1923)

Best Song: The Primordial Gloom [81.0]

Symphonic Funeral Doom Metal

Really like this band.... favorite album from them so far.....


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Lamb of God - New American Gospel (2000)

My Ratings: 67.740
Rank: 1752 (out of 1924)

Best Song: Black Label [72.0]

Groove Metal

debut album, well not really but anyhow this one by far is the worse Lamb of God album.......


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Xentrix - For Whose Advantage? (1990)

My Ratings: 73.560
Rank: 1045 (out of 1925)

Best Song: For Whose Advantage? [77.6]

Thrash Metal

I wonder how many times that title track is my favorite song on the album..... This album sounded like "and justice for All" ....


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Void of Silence - The Grave of Civilization (2010)

My Ratings: 73.260
Rank: 1100 (out of 1926)

Best Song: Apt Epitaph [75.0]

Funeral Doom Metal

Funeral Doom needs to be atmospheric but not necessarily enjoyable. One needs to feel the dread, the agony, the suffering, the hopelessness and be emotionally drained and I did not feel any of this on this album. To me, it just sounded like a guy singing sad songs.... this one was not one of my favorites from this band....


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All Them Witches - Nothing as the Ideal (2020)

My Ratings: 76.480
Rank: 506 (out of 1927)

Best Song: See You Next Fall [83.0]

Stoner Rock

First time listening to this band, know nothing about them but it sounded pretty good......


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Grandfunk Railroad - Grand Funk (Red Album) (1969)

My Ratings: 73.256
Rank: 1102 (out of 1928)

Best Song: Got This thing on the Move [76.0]

Hard Rock

Not as good as the first one.... dang.


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Vader - Litany (2000)

My Ratings: 73.074
Rank: 1130 (out of 1929)

Best Song: The One Made of Dreams [76.0]

Death/Thrash Metal


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Serpent Omega - II (2020)

My Ratings: 73.393
Rank: 1074 (out of 1930)

Best Song: Rivers of Riversed [79.0]

Sludge Metal


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Trouble - Trouble (1990)

My Ratings: 76.860
Rank: 452 (out of 1931)

Best Song: At the End of My Daze [83.0]

Doom/Heavy Metal


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Christopher - Christopher (1970)

My Ratings: 73.961
Rank: 958 (out of 1932)

Best Song: In Your Time [76.6]

Psychedelic/Acid Rock

Yep.... it definitely sounds the way it was described.


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Krokus - Metal Rendez-Vous (1980)

My Ratings: 71.440
Rank: 1412 (out of 1933)

Best Song: Heatstrokes [75.0]

Hard Rock

first time listening to one of their albums.... it was alright.


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Agalloch - The White (ep) (2008)

My Ratings: 77.784
Rank: 365 (out of 1934)

Best Song: Sowilo Rune [81.0]

Atmospheric Folk

Mostly instrumental, I was starved for some Agalloch so I have to start listening to the EP's and Demo's.....


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Bolt Thrower - The IVth Crusade (1992)

My Ratings: 75.783
Rank: 618 (out of 1935)

Best Song: The IVth Crusade [80.0]

Death Metal

My top ranked Bolt Thrower album at this time.....


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Foo Fighters - One by One (2002)

My Ratings: 75.619
Rank: 650 (out of 1936)

Best Song: Disenchanted Lullaby [85.0]

Alternative Rock

Not really a fan of the Foo but of all the albums I have heard this one is my favorite.


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Steely Dan - Can't Buy a Thrill (1972)

My Ratings: 81.840
Rank: 150 (out of 1937)

Best Song: Do It Again [95.0]

Soft Folk Rock

Great Album


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Neon Pearl - Neon Pearl (1967)

My Ratings: 75.981
Rank: 587 (out of 1938)

Best Song: What You See [87.0]

Psychedelic Rock

Interesting group that never got a record deal.... but in 2001 an album was made of their recordings from 1967.


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Uniform - Shame (2020)

My Ratings: 65.030
Rank: 1869 (out of 1939)

Best Song: Shame [75.0]


Oh god, I got a serious headache listening to this noise. The title track was the only song I liked on this one and I should of turned it off but I suffered through it. It was listed as Industrial but it sounded like noise rock..... where's the aspirin?


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Marilyn Manson - We Are Chaos (2020)

My Ratings: 70.960
Rank: 1484 (out of 1940)

Best Song: Red Black & Blue [77.0]

Glam/Alternative Rock

Not sure what to call this actually but I knew it was going to be different and I found it boring......


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The Kinks - Arthur (1969)

My Ratings: 70.571
Rank: 1536 (out of 1941)

Best Song: Mr Churchill Says [74.2]


Did not care for most of it.....


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Bob Dylan - Bringing It All Back Home (1965)

My Ratings: 76.256
Rank: 544 (out of 1942)

Best Song: Subterranean Homesick Blues [87.0]

Folk Rock

Had to hunt down a couple of these tracks because of copyright crap or something anyhow got it done.... I actually liked this one slightly better than Highway 61 revisited which kinda surprised me....