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Göden - Beyond Darkness (2020)

My Ratings: 79.583
Rank: 239 (out of 1799)

Best Song: Twilight [85.4]

Doom Metal

This one was a marathon at almost hour and 20 minutes but it is full of some great doom tracks. One of the better albums of 2020 to date.


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Lynyrd Skynyrd - One More From the Road (1976)

My Ratings: 85.026
Overall Rank: #95

Best Song: Freebird [98.0]

Southern Rock

I knew this was going to be great going into it and it did not disappoint.


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Paradise Lost - Obsidian (2020)

My Ratings: 75.728
Rank: 587 (out of 1800)

Best Song: Ravenghast [79.2]

Gothic Doom Metal

Liked this one just about as much as The Plague Within.


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Voices of Ruin - Path to Immortality (2020)

My Ratings: 70.957
Rank: 1369 (out of 1801)

Best Song: Suffering Silence [74.0]

Melodic Death Metal

Nothing great here.... some good tracks some not so.... nothing new


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<Live Album>

Aerosmith - Live! Bootleg (1978)

My Ratings: 79.947
Overall Rank: #272

Best Song: Sweet Emotion [91.0]


This was a RAW live album and that is the way they wanted it with no studio magic to make it sound better...... That is pretty gutsy... Not a fan of Aerosmith after the 70's so this is why I picked this early live one....


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<Live Album>

Ministry - In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up (1990)

My Ratings: 83.994
Overall Rank: #117

Best Song: Burning Inside [90.0]


I need to revisit the older albums after this live performance!!! I did not get into this band until Psalm69 as I did not care for their first 4 albums.... it is now time for a re-listen of those with this soften armor to allow the chaos in.


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Shrapnel - Palace for the Insane (2020)

My Ratings: 68.837
Rank: 1553 (out of 1802)

Best Song: Might of Cygnus [73.6]

Thrash Metal

Not sure why I stuck with this one as it is the type of thrash I do not like. Only liked 3 tracks on this one......


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<Live Album>

The Who - Live at Leeds (1970) (re-issue 1995)

My Ratings: 79.802 / re-issue 79.369
Overall Rank: #277 / #309

Best Song: My Generation [87.6] / Can't Explain [90.0]


I did both versions of the album with the re-issue having the same tracks as the original plus 8 additional tracks. Both are great with the original being more raw and aggressive.


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Wailin Storms - Rattle (2020)

My Ratings: 71.280
Rank: 1334 (out of 1803)

Best Song: Rattle [77.0]

Psychedelic Rock

First 5 tracks were OK but the last 3 were not to my liking. I could not get use to the vocals....


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<Live Album>

Led Zeppelin - Destroyer (1977-Bootleg)

My Ratings: 81.810
Overall Rank: #187

Best Song: Kashmire [96.0]

Blues Rock

At almost 3 hours long this one was a marathon. Pro's: I liked the rawness of this one... Con's: Did not care for Page's guitar on this one.... I know he is a sloppy player but just too much of it on this one and could not stand the guitar solo.... despite that it was still a great album.


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Hate Force - Hate Force (2019)

My Ratings: 75.330
Rank: 651 (out of 1804)

Best Song: Coward [76.8]

Death Metal

Loved the guitar riffs and the old school sound but the vocal style is not one of my favorites for this genre.

Just a reminder, anything over a 70 means I like it (some exceptions would be if there is one great track on it and the rest I don't like).
over 80 and I think it is great
over 90 just does not happen that much but it would mean it is elite to me, the best of the best......


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Wolftooth - Valhalla (2020)

My Ratings: 83.223
Rank: 103 (out of 1805)

Best Song: Fear for Eternity [89.0]

Stoner Rock/Metal

Sophomore album. I was a bit nervous about this one as their debut album cracked my top 100 albums of all time so you know I was expecting greatness and that is what I got. The genre slightly changed from Doom Metal to Stoner Rock/Metal but it was still great. Only weakness I would say is the chorus parts. I love the vocals and this is another album to be added to my collection.


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<Live Album>

Neil Young and Crazy Horse - Live Rust (1979)

My Ratings: 82.273
Overall Rank: #168

Best Song: The Needle and the Damage Done [98.0]

Hard Rock

Great live album by Neil and the boys. Most say Young is an acquired taste but I don't see how as I love his vocals.