1/19 AFC: Tennessee Titans vs Kansas City Chiefs (3:05pm)

Who wins: Tennessee Titans vs Kansas City Chiefs

  • Tennessee Titans

    Votes: 2 25.0%
  • Kansas City Chiefs

    Votes: 6 75.0%

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Go Buckeyes
Good start for the Titans. Seems like their goal is to shorten the game and limit Kansas City possessions. Getting a 10-0 lead early is a great start for them.


Go Buckeyes
Titans had a great run in the playoffs. Even this game was competitive. Kansas City was just a little too much for them.


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Titans fan here, this was a magical ride for the Titans the last month. They've been in playoff mode for about the last 6-7 games. The better team won yesterday, plain and simple. The Titans tried to do all they could, the Chiefs just have too many weapons to deal with. It's truly a pick your poison proposition with the Chiefs. Yes, you can blitz and try to bring pressure, but you then expose yourself to many big play possibilities. The Titans chose to keep the plays in front of them, rush 3, maybe 4 and try to double a few receivers. The plan was to make Mahomes check down and take what was given. It worked for a little bit, with the Titans taking a 17-7 lead, but with KC, you have to score 30 or more to legitimately have a shot to beat them. The Chiefs did not turnt he ball over at all and the Titans stopped scoring.
I thought a huge play in the game was, after the Titans got a stop on the first possession, on 3rd and 1 the Titans had a holding penatly. That backed up the Titans, forced an eventual punt and KC scored and that was really the dagger.
I thought the Titans could have tried to take a few more shots downfield on offense, but you rode Henry the last month, no reason to go away from that now.