1/11 AFC: Tennessee Titans vs Baltimore Ravens (8:15pm)

Who wins: Tennessee Titans vs Baltimore Ravens

  • Tennessee Titans

    Votes: 5 71.4%
  • Baltimore Ravens

    Votes: 2 28.6%

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Henry the ball carrier....
Raven fans are going to dream about this after the leave today and go to bed.


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He looks like he did when the Browns played him with Garrett. Or last season, before Ingram

He is who we thought he was ?
I chuckled at the hype all season. I knew once they got in the playoffs he'd be exposed just like last year.


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We contained him with Garrett rushing and setting the edge and our cover corners concussed with backup CBs tackling for a job.

The “pass-happy NFL” will catch up with him some next year.


Go Buckeyes
That missed 2 pointer could be huge. Still a 2 score game but Baltimore will need to be perfect to tie it up.


Go Buckeyes
Good drive so far. One more first down would be a big deal, especially if the get the Ravens to keep using their timeouts.