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  1. Catman

    Comment by 'Catman' in pool '2022 Yappi Challenge'

    I also made my picks and no save button?
  2. Catman

    Your schools greatest team...

    I know Paul Brown’s 1940 team was one of the best teams ever out of Massillon. They blew out Kent State in a scrimmage and if I’m correct that Kent State team finish the year with either 1 or no losses. Another Tiger team the 1970 team was another team that I think is probably one of the best...
  3. Catman

    D7 Regional Semifinal- Green Bulldogs vs Wooster Generals

    The only thing I can say is that Massillon beat them 31-0 and I came out that game thinking they won’t win any games in the playoffs.
  4. Catman

    Comment by 'Catman' in pool '2021 Yappi Challenge'

    Ahhhhh…..who cares???