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    Lester case resolved..

    Guilty of sexual imposition 3 years probation.
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    PAC 2022

    Let's get started on the 2022 thread. I believe Loudenville is no longer a member. Not sure when Canton South joins but that's what we are here for. So let's learn together. Please keep the thread civil. Let's have spirited discussion but leave the name calling out.
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    And STILL...........................................

    The Brankman was 100% on his picks again.
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    Baldwin Wallace vs Xount Xnion

    Should be a good match tonight at 7pm at Baldwin Wallace. Lots of local kids on both teams. Looking forward to seeing Jacob Decatur wrestle again. Let's Go Jackets!! Anyone else going?
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    Coaching question

    Some coaches coach that you play TO the whistle, others coach that you play THROUGH the whistle. I have always believed that you coach to play through the whistle. This may lead to some flags for late activity but I believe it's easier to kick it down a notch that to turn it up a notch. I've...