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    Possible ref boycott in NEO. Is this statewide?

    Football is lowest paid sport for the time you have to travel, do the the game and travel home.
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    Andrew Bonnette steps down as Hoban baseball coach one year after winning state title

    Very true, they hired Stow first base coach for St V
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    Open HS Jobs

    Jackson, Triway
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    Open HS Jobs

    drew carmichael
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    Open HS Jobs

    Hoban and St V found their coaches
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    Tuesday, April 26 Final Scores

    gville 8 Crestview 3
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    Tuesday April 12 Final Scores

    Aurora 7 Kent 3
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    Stark County 2022

    St Thomas is very young, going to be a long year
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    Mogadore schedule

    Springfield and Field belong in the PTC. They be able to compete. Fields problem is their person at the top who is charge. Springfield has a new leader this august.
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    Mogadore 2022 schedule

    Field and Springfield belong in the PTC, in time it will happen
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    Suburban league 2022

    I deal conference is PTC
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    Ohio Super-Conference Adds Three Schools, Will Have 25 Members

    Crestwood should go back to go PTC less travel and better gates
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    Stow- Munroe Falls Head Coach Position

    Time for new super at stow
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    2022 Western Reserve Conference

    They use Ellet for night games
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    Madison leaving WRC

    Crestwood is not happy in the CVC exploring other ways
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    Stow- Munroe Falls Head Coach Position

    Southeast coach would have taken a pay cut to come to Stow and go back in the classroom. Teachers' union at stow. He is better at southeast.
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    Stow- Munroe Falls Head Coach Position

    Southeast coach and Fairless coach I hear are in the running
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    Southington Chalker - Bringing back football

    send players to Windham
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    Madison leaving WRC

    Crestwood belongs back in the PTC, less travel and better game gates with Ptc schools.
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    Hoover Football Stadium Renovations

    They need to do something to the baseball field.