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    Open HS Jobs

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    Cincy Flames 7/8u 2023

    And $15 per day a person. Plus their pool play is stretched out over 3-4 days with 1 game a day. Straight money grab!!
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    The WACs wacky postseason tourney

    This just ensures that the Zags get the 1 seed every year.
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    NFHS Stream

    Has anyone paid for the streaming service for the baseball tournament? If so, how is the quality?
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    Who Wins D3

    Roger Bacon 6 Northeastern 3
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    Who Wins D3

    Northeastern 6 CHCA 4
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    Who Wins D3

    Bacon 6 Reading 3
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    Gas Prices

    Shot up 0.40 yesterday... Looking like $5 this weekend???
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    2022 GCL Co-Ed

    Badin v Bacon Monday at 1
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    Withrow vs Hoban?

    No, if anything they lost their best players and coach to West Clermont. This game would be over before kickoff. Hoban could bring their JV and still have a running clock.
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    Mock Draft

    It's either of the New York teams that won day 1. The Giants got some Dudes!
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    Notre Dame 2022

    Smarter to start with a team like that, than the beat down they take week 1 this year...
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    2022 CHL THREAD

    Bacon 4 Wyoming 3
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    2022 Cincinnati Bengals

    Sounds like Gilmore is on his way to Cincy after freeing up that Waynes money....
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    2022 Cincinnati Bengals

    Waynes finally cut.
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    2022 Cincinnati Bengals

    I believe I heard once they cut Waynes, they will have 25+ mil still in cap space, right now they have about 15 remaining.
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    2022 Cincinnati Bengals

    Hopkins & Waynes will be cut once they make a big signing to free up more $$$.
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    2022 Cincinnati Bengals

    I think McBride out of Colorado St. will be the real deal.
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    Fights at Games

    Did anyone see that altercation at halftime of the UC game? It looks like it was Aaron Jones from Green Bay talking smack to UC...