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    A Look At The 2021 OHSAA State Football Championship Attendance Numbers

    So does Mapfre also have enough volunteers PLUS extra $$$ for the OHSAA Board Members wives to go shopping, winded and dined ? Just asking as that is a part of the agreement as well.
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    Curse of Massillon?

    Sorry MT but I call BS on that. Even back when we had Gareon, he learned once he got to TOSU.
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    Curse of Massillon?

    And we don't do the same thing ? They learned how to condition better, recruit better and , yes, coach better . I love what Nate is doing BUT he needs help in order for us to take that final step.
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    Curse of Massillon?

    And finally someone to replace that bald headed bast#$rd that "coaches" our secondary. Hack couldn't read an offense to scheme against it even if they told him what they were running. His defensive scheme is to keep everyone 10 yds off the receiver and then when pressed the kids are clueless...
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    Region 7 Championship: #4 Massillon vs #7 Green

    I loved how he delivered the hits to the defenders last nite. Hit one so hard that the kid puked up all over himself ! A few others turned the other way and wouldn't hit him.
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    Regional Final Host Stadium Prognostications

    GlenOak or Canton Central Catholic
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    Massillon Washington vs Big Walnut

    They gonna get 'em !!!
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    Massillon Washington vs Big Walnut

    Since we are 2 - 2 versus Hoban I wouldn't call them our big brother . what a douche !
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    2021 Massillon Football

    U beat me to it !
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    2021 Massillon Football

    Also remember Nordonia ??? many years ago ??? We cannot let down on this game for sure.
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    Canton McKinley s Record this year

    Don't pick on Dalton ! They are a fine farming community west of Massillon!!!!
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    #13 Col. Independence (5-5 @ #4 Massillon (8-2)

    They were close as I had counted 137 right before the first quarter was over. There may have been 1 to 4 people from Columbus there.
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    Steubenville's Travels (Or Lack Thereof)

    When did Harding go back to a grass field ?? Its been turf for many years ??
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    Division 1 possible expansion

    So E Town, where are you from and what schools got passed over in the 1940s and 1950s ?
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    #12 Lake Blue Streaks (5-4)@#5 Westerville South (7-2)

    Good Luck Lake. Hope we both are around for the week 2 match up !
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    Playoff: Worthington Kilbourne (4-6) at North Canton (8-2)

    Wasn't that the name of North Canton before the war ? Thought it was named New Berlin though ? Historians ?
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    Week 9 Massillon vs Wooster

    Why be a D&*&*K ? Grow up !
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    The official 2021 Canton McKinley Football discussion

    Click on the Home side tickets and that is where you can get the upper deck tickets
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    Archbishop Moeller @ Ironton

    I do believe so. I have got to get down and see one of your games soon. Just love that video plus your history !
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    Massillon Washington at Warren Harding—-9-10-21

    Thx You guys have one heckuva team ! It was so cool seeing those old red and black unis last night. And yes I was at the 8-7 game . Was young but boy what a game it was !