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    May he die a slow and painful death.
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    Pete Rose

    Why do I hate him? maybe because he was a cheater and a liar. He'll be put in the HOF only after he's dead.
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    Am I mistaken . . .

    All the ads I see on Yappi are from either coin dealers or Saks, where are the questionable items are shown.
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    Cleveland Guardians

    Tito has Tribe in first place in their division. Time to fire him?
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    Scrimmage Scores

    St. Ignatius 2, Hudson 1
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    Am I mistaken . . .

    or is that Yappi is now displaying ads for what could be called (politely) marital aids?
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    Moeller vs. Massillon predictions

    Predictions: Moelller 5 penalties for 45 yards Massillon 12 penalties for 130 yards
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    2022 St. Edward Football

    And their fans would cut their wrists.
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    Cleveland. Com top Ohio QBs 2022

    Hurts to realize that an Ignatius QB has not made the list. Cats are going to be in major trouble in Kyle's last year.
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    What if the customer is 76 cents short?

    I too was wondering about the tip. Did she intend to give him no tip at all?
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    Primary Night 8/2

    When I went to vote around noon, I asked if the early voting had been busy. The voting "people" said it was the most crowded primary they had ever witnessed.
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    Do you like self-checkout at Grocery Stores

    The last time I went to a Safeway I asked the clerk if he would tell me what he was paid. I admitted it was none of my business, but he smiled and replied that it was well over $20 per hour.
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    Gas Prices

    $3.98 at Sam's Club in Tucson.
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    2022 St. Ignatius Football

    Happy Feast Day!
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    Celtics great Bill Russell passes away at 88

    The greatest player to have ever held a basketball. No Jordon, no Lebron, just Russell.
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    Pike county murder case

    Today the Washington Post carried a front page story about the murder of 8 members of the Rhoden family, It seems like an old time country feud. Anybody here from Pike county? I would like your perspective. (i hope I got that right)
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    Most mispronounced names in Ohio and how to say them

    Tolaydo is a city about 30 miles south of Madrid, which is usually packed with tourists because it was the home of El Greco whose paintings are in many of the town' s churches.
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    Most mispronounced names in Ohio and how to say them

    Many people who have visited Spain would say To-lay-do.
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    A Woman Ripped The 'Pressure To Tip' At Coffee Shops & TikTok Has So Many Horror Stories

    See a penny Pick it up All the day you'll have good luck. From my childhood.
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    Is it too hot?

    I've taken friends and visitors to Tombstone three times. I took the tour with them the first time. The nest two times I took them to where the tour started, then took myself to the best bar in town, Big Nose Some woman's name and downed two or three beers (the Big glasses) and ended up with...