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  1. Yappi

    Would you like a travel ball tournament with 7 inning games?

    I don't agree with you unless the clock is visible and can be stopped like in other sports. IMO, I wish the umpire would keep the clock and add time when he saw stalling without letting either coach know. IMO, it is not part of the game, it is just a mechanism to keep the games mostly on time...
  2. Yappi

    Would you like a travel ball tournament with 7 inning games?

    I can understand minor changes to help the clock but blatant attempts like that are just bush league. Taking a first strike or an extra second to deliver a pitch are reasonable. We had two games this year where we were winning go one more inning while the clock was below a minute. We knew...
  3. Yappi

    Would you like a travel ball tournament with 7 inning games?

    That is what I am curious about. It seems that time limits are baked in now for travel softball. I definitely enjoy HS softball more than travel because the game stays truer at that level. IMO, one of the worst things to watch in travel softball is someone using the clock to win a game. Just...
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    Rootstown Rovers 2022 Football Preview

    Rootstown Rovers Head Coach: Chris Knopick Years Head Coach (current school): 2 Record (current school): 5-6 Years Head Coach (overall): 2 Record (overall): 5-6 Assistant Coaches: Randy McCoy - Defensive Coordinator & Linebackers Mark Knopick - Offensive/Defensive Line & Special Teams...
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    Crestwood Red Devils 2022 Football Preview

    Crestwood Red Devils Head Coach: Jack D’Amato Years Head Coach (current school): 2 Record (current school): 10-10 Years Head Coach (overall): 2 Record (overall): 10-10 Assistant Coaches: John Baldwin Bruce Rininger Jack Blasiole Todd Smith Tom Sporich Chris Stanley Brandon Baldwin Record...
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    Tallmadge Blue Devils 2022 Football Preview

    Tallmadge highlights from the first scrimmage:
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    Girls Tennis Scores (8/10/22)

    HIGHLAND 5, MEDINA 0 Singles: Sgambati (H) d. Nuske 6-0, 6-0; Oberhaus (H) d. Chester 6-0, 6-0; Haynes (H) d. Willis 6-0, 6-0. Doubles: Mad. Pawlak-Boucher (H) d. Julia-Kraft 6-0, 6-1; Gillin-Mac. Pawlak (H) d. Kichurchak-Caspio 6-3, 6-1. Records: Highland 2-0. JACKSON...
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    Ravenna Invitational (8/10/22)

    RAVENNA INVITATIONAL (At Windmill Lakes Golf Club, Ravenna) Team Results: 1. Olmsted Falls 310; 2. Amherst Steele 312; 3. Brecksville 331; 4. West Branch 335; 5. Rootstown 340; 6. Tallmadge 341; 7. Mogadore 342; 8. Marlington 344; 9. (tie) Ravenna 345, Manchester 345; 11. Revere...
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    Ohio parent charged after over 200 teens partied at his property
  10. Yappi

    In 6-1 decision, Ohio Supreme Court approves Icebreaker wind project in Lake Erie
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    Suburban league 2022

    Sadly, only got a preview from the Tallmadge coach. Wish the rest of the league submitted their previews...
  12. Yappi

    Rainwater everywhere on Earth unsafe to drink due to ‘forever chemicals’, study finds

    I think this is a good way to sell more bottled water. The quickest way to save the environment is producing more plastic bottles.
  13. Yappi

    Rainwater everywhere on Earth unsafe to drink due to ‘forever chemicals’, study finds
  14. Yappi

    Would you like a travel ball tournament with 7 inning games?

    Would a tournament that plays complete games be of interest. Of course, run rules would still be in effect but a competitive game wouldn't be ended prematurely because of a time limit? I personally would be interested in a tournament like this but it seems many tournaments are getting shorter...
  15. Yappi

    Democratic violent city updates

    I wondered why they weren't naming the suspect on the news yesterday. Every station I saw said that they had captured a suspect but gave no details. This is the playbook of the MSM. More shameful narratives from the MSM. Why can't they just report the news?
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    California Dermatologist Arrested After Husband Allegedly Catches Her Poisoning Him with Drano
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    2022 Division V Poll Voting Discussion (Preseason)

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    Milton Union Bulldogs 2022 Football Preview

    Milton Union Bulldogs Head Coach: Bret Pearce Years Head Coach (current school): 17 Record (current school): 108-75 Years Head Coach (overall): 17 Record (overall): 108-75 Assistant Coaches: Tim Antonides Dana Dickison Joe Blackburn Matt Bracci Joey Swafford Record last season...
  19. Yappi

    Mar-A-Lago raided by the FBI

    Whether he did or didn't doesn't change the dangerous game the Democrats are playing. They want him strong enough to wipe out the Republican field but weak enough to beat in the General Election. It's akin to gambling with money you don't have. If you win, everything is fine. If you lose, your...
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    Licking County’s top returning defensive players for 2022