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    NEW Rankings - January 25

    Both are great wrestlers. Not a bad showing for Knight for only be on the mat a little over a week.
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    OHSAA adds Girls Wrestling as Emerging Sport for 2022-23

    That is not only a fair question but, also a very interesting question.
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    Division 3 Garfield Heights District

    Some of the weight classes are wide open. Most likely will see movement up or down with kids wanting to better their chances on getting to the Big Show.
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    Baldwin Wallace vs Xount Xnion

    I took a look at the Coaching staff Bio, more correctly put would be a team of Iowa kids wrestling Ohio kids.
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    Baldwin Wallace vs Xount Xnion

    Did Mount have their complete starting lineup or were some of their starters out.
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    First Set of Rankings for the 2021-22 Season

    How did Tyler do against Levi? I looked for results on Flo and could not find the result of that match up.