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    How long?

    How long have you lived at your present address and do your rent or own?
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    What do you want and except from a President of the USA?

    A recent response to the above question was: Someone with coherent speech patterns and someone that does not actively ruin everything they touch.
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    Ticket to attend high school sporting events

    Who has decided that having to get tickets on line only is the way to go. My grand daughter has back to back track meets . Had one on Wednesday and then again to day. Wednesdays I drove 45 minutes to get to. I walk up to the ticket booth and the lady look at me and said have a good time...
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    Hunter Biden and Possibly Joe .......... is the end near???

    What is going on after all this time, we get the news from one of the left's best. Now they decide is the time to tell us, Ok maybe it really is Hunter's lab top. Now what is step two let it fade into forgotten history? Most of what we will hear has already been reported just not reported...
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    A View of the Left from the Right

    Hopefully, this will become a place for the Right to report on the Left view of things. Here is a good one to start out with. Joy Behar reported she is scared of what is going to happen in western Europe. She said she has a Holliday planned to visit Italy and "'s like what's gonna...
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    What Did You Learn New today??

    Today is Wednesday, Feb. 9 2022 - share with us what you learned new today.
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    Giving the right to vote to non US citizens?

    I keep hearing how it is being considered by state and local Govts to allow noncitizens the privilege to vote in our elections do you think this is a good idea, a bad idea ? Why?
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    Greatest Threat to Our Nation

    What is the greatest threat to our nation? Here is a shortlist. Please voice your opinion and a short educated why. 1. Trump 2. Biden 3. Republicans 4. Democrats 5. Covid 6. Climate change 7. Socialism 8. Communism 9 Conservatism 10 Russia 11 China 12 Liberal new media 13 Conservative news...
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    Mason, Ohio passes ban on abortions in city Limits

    Happier - What kind of city council members do you have in Mason. How could they vote like that? Have you put your house up for sale yet?
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    Nancy's Future?

    Somehow I keep hearing good news rumors today. How about Pelosi just might be heading into retirement. When asked point-blank about her running for reelection she would not make any statement at this time. If she was running why wouldn't she want the announcement out there. I also hear her...
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    Buttigeig - Secretary of Transportaion - In name only?

    Secretary of Transportation Buttigieg instead of responding to a supply-chain crisis, which it is his job to fix, made the rounds on news shows Sunday talking about how important paternity leave is. Buttigieg in truth failed and was in reality an unimpressive mayor of a small city in Indiana...
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    Iowa Special Election

    I waited to see if any of our democrat friends here on Yappi would mention this happening. A traditionally democrat district in Iowa elected a Republican State House member. This is the first time this has happened in like forever. I count 46 years as forever. I have heard no one say this...
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    Marine Lt. Col Stuart Scheller pleads.

    Scheller pleaded guilty to all charges. His Punishment - Letter of Reprimand and forfeit of $5,000 of one month's pay. It is also reported Scheller will now begin the process of exiting the service. It is being reported that the nature or type of discharge will be determined by the Navy...
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    2020 census - How accurate is it?

    Beginning to wonder how accurate the recent census really is. The census said Nelsonville, Ohio had 4612 residents a loss of 780 people from the 2010 census. So Nelsonville did their own recount and it found they really had 5373. Why is this important? It is the difference between being an...
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    Polls and their Results

    I think we need a thread just to report results of polls.
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    New Hampshire recount.

    A audit of state office election returns in a New Hampshire town showed the results were way off. In a town of 10,000 on election night Democrat St. Laurent was 24 votes short of winning. When the recount was held it was shown she really was 420 short. Somehow she got overcounted and the...