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    Bitcoin, what is a good buy level?

    I have been anti investing in bitcoin since its inception. My theory has long been that since it is not tied to any thing of known value (no commodity or backing by any government) it would inflate in value during good times but would be susceptible to crashing if people need their money...
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    Electric vs Propane appliances

    I did some checking last night on this topic. What I learned was kind if eye opening. Electric range top is approx 70% efficient at getting the heat from the source (burner) into the reciever (metal pan). Propane, due to its requiring the pan to sit higher over top of the source, and not...
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    DVII: Newark Catholic vs Marion Local Updates and Game Discussion

    Impressed on Aug 18 you knew who would be in this game.
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    Did Biden step in a pile when he decided nursing home staff must be vaccinated?

    Nursing homes are already short staffed what with STNA's making less to bathe and change diapers on elderly patients than they could make for most any other entry level job today. So , short staffed homes have been offering rather aggressive bonuses to get employees to work an extra shift...
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    5.8 billion student loan debt missing

    I heard this morning 323,000 disabled students will be losing the privilege of paying back their students loans which they originally agreed to when they took the loans out.. 5.8 billion is a decent amount of money that we paid professors and universities to house and educate these...