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    A glimpse inside the Supreme Court
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    Primetime propaganda and its treasonus

    Who represents President Trump? This political prime time made for TV show is abhorrent. Propaganda and it's illegal. This vigilante form of prime time justice is unfathomable. Red wave is coming and these Democrats must be held accountable.
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    List the new insane political policies

    I'll start with Cow facts
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    Electric car owners must pay their fair share.

    The consumer must pay their fair share.
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    Peter Navarro arrested Then we had this
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    Democrats in Georgia show election issues.
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    Gofundme accounts for Texas school shooting victims

    I'll try and research a few. Are others willing to do the same? It won't replace a life, but monetary support can't hurt. Imo We should be able to post links.
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    My wife is conservative, but rarely makes a comment about political events. She was a Starbucks customer. Big time She just walked in the door and announced she's done with them. I guessed politics pays. Dumb companies
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    Globalists and the W.H.O.

    Trump was right about the WHO organization. It's an evil organization
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    Hard to make this up. Congratulations Dems That kid will have some issues
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    2000 mules
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    Died trying to save a life. Border patrol people are Heroes
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    Border or Ukraine, which one is the most important to America?
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    Immigration Recovery Program

    Democrats support open borders. Well the time is here for a new jobs program. Tailored to the immigrants specifically. All Federal and State supported work forces shall be integrated into the program. 10% of workforce should be immigrants. These immigrants shall start at 70 percent of going wage...
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    Ford Stock

    Buy, Sell or Hold?
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    This is a Fox piece. Not the best, but it's spot on
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    Mexico and Americans purchasing Gasoline

    Read the comment section of the article. Really amazing
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    Medical Professionals are forever tarnished

    The woke idiots made medicine political. Just one example listed below. I would charge her with a crime to set an example.
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    Drips about political Covid. Democrats won't control truth.
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    American Trucking Protest

    TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY Should be the day to line the overpasses.