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    Cincinnati Jobs

    This coaching stuff is a complete joke at many schools. Make a good hire. Move on. Saban and Coach K aren’t applying to these jobs. Wow. Welcome to 2022 and probably back 10-15 years
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    Copley High School removes Mark Dente as boys, girls basketball coach

    Don’t know the whole truth. Sounds bad. These school districts have gotten off Scott free from many firing/ non renewal’s that lawsuits are going to be more and more. It’s going to get somewhat ugly going forward more and more. Contract’s or No contracts Many schools are going to be more...
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    Perry Boys Basketball

    Maybe. I assume he’ll take a year off and then check out some openings.
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    Perry Boys Basketball

    They’ll come back with the right hire and a couple of good back to back classes. As I stated above , if basketball is completely dominated by football in the off season, it will always be average in all the other sports.
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    Perry Boys Basketball

    He’s an outstanding coach. The cupboard pretty bare since he’s been there. Also, Football has dominated most of the off season basketball training, thus the skill level there has suffered. If you played football, you were basically told you couldn’t do much basketball in the spring and summer...
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    Canfield Basketball Coach Non-Renewed

    That would be a good hire, but many of these schools are at the mercy of incompetent boards and administrators. No end in sight.
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    Cincinnati Jobs

    These hiring practices are a joke at So many schools. You have many Know it all people on many of these committees who have No F’ing clue. I’m really rooting for All these schools, but it has become a complete and Utterly disservice to many of these schools and communities.
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    Canfield Basketball Coach Non-Renewed

    A sucker is born every day. I get people want to be head coaches and many have a love for the game. Sadly, these coaching hirings and firings has, pretty much, become a sad joke. Coaches are very lucky to get 3-4 years in at a school and then they’re shown the door . Thus, you have a shortage...
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    2021/2022 Boys Head Coaching changes

    He’s a good man. Lives around Newark. He’ll have a chance to win at NC. Probably a lateral move Financially, but probably a better job. Good luck.
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    Cincinnati Jobs

    You said it right. Without question. Problem is, many solid people won’t run for school board. Sad, but true. They run for city council or county commissioners, but not schools. People vote for the most popular guy in some cases, not the most qualified. School board is a tough job, but some...
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    RIP Adreian Payne

    Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends 🙏🙏
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    Cincinnati Jobs

    God forbid. I know it’s 2022. If these WOKE parents and the spineless boards and administrators don’t step forward, you’ll have little left at MANY schools. It’s already full speed ahead for at Many schools. Many coaches are beating their heads against the wall or are simply getting out of the...
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    Beavercreek names new coach

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    Beavercreek names new coach

    Exactly. Some of these coaches get annoying pacing up and down the entire sideline All night. Each to their own.
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    Phil Anderson

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    Longtime Beavercreek Coach Norm Ashworth has died

    Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends. 🙏🙏
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    competitive balance

    Impressive lineups.
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    Worthington Kilbourne Job?

    Maybe he’s an AAU recruiting guru ? Have to recruit in the city and suburbs !
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    Hartley's Randy Kortokrax Will Not Return To Coach Boys Basketball Team

    Superintendents make recommendations. School Boards vote on every job in every district. That my friends is/has been an issues with school boards who think they know more then the people who make recommendations and are down in the trenches everyday.
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    Cincinnati Jobs

    Exactly !