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    Season tickets

    This season there will be 5 home games at the Pit. The opponents include: Indianapolis Cathedral, Clearwater Academy International (FL), Ryle, Moeller and Football North (Canada). That is 4 different States and 2 different Countries. The team that is worth highlighting is the team from...
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    Thomas Biedenharn

    What a good player on a great basketball team.
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    The Color Purple

    Israeli archaeologists have uncovered three rare, Roman-era fabrics believed to have been dyed using murex snail extracts in unique colors mentioned in the Bible. In the book of Exodus chapter 25, God gives Moses instructions for building the tabernacle during which blue and purple and scarlet...
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    Urban Legend...Anyone know the real story?

    2004 Football game between La Salle and Colerain...rainy bad sloppy field and La Salle waters the sloppy field to slow down the Colerain football team! And this is the reason Colerain no longer plays La Salle. I know this can't be true, but does anyone have the real story?
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    Information Please!

    Can anyone give me information on the Elders football teams of 2002 and 2003? What was their record in freshman and reserve years? Thanks
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    Moeller football history question.

    I don't remember a football championship game at UC, but a friend from Mansfield said he watched Moeller beat Massillon at UC around 1980! Is this true?
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    Street Parking at Elder Games

    Tires were slashed during the Elder/Cov Cath game Friday night! Punks were trying to sell street parking for the game and if you didn't pay, your tires were slashed! If punks try to sell you a parking space on the street...MOVE YOUR CAR AND TELL A COP!