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    Western Buckeye League 2021

    Bath will be in even if they end up at 5-5. If Elida can win one of their next 3, I think 5-5 likely gets them in also. There is very little chance any of the teams behind them will get to 5-5 and a win over either St Marys or Shawnee (VW is unlikely) would gain them enough points that it...
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    Western Buckeye League 2021

    Kenton having to play with a running clock may be the most beautiful football moment of all time :)
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    16 team playoffs

    It's ridiculous in D1 where there are only 17 or 18 teams in a region. If you're essentially going to allow every team into the playoffs why not just do it. Why does a D7 team get penalized for having 25 or 26 teams in their region and not make the playoffs while D1 is basically putting...
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    Ohio State Buckeyes 2021

    They threw for 484 because they were behind the entire game because the defense couldn't stop anyone