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  1. JAVMAN83

    Question - Conner McClure's 17' 3" vault - State Record?

    Question for the community: Did McClure's vault of 17' 3" at his home Twighlight Relays count as a state record? I see only two vaulters listed in the results...both McClure brothers. I believe there are a...
  2. JAVMAN83

    Question on results from Finishtiming

    1 Paige Elliff Anderson 35' 10½" 10.93m F F 36' 6" 11.12m 37' 10" 11.53m 34' 4¼" 10.47m 2 Aidan Orth Anderson 33' 7¾" 10.25m 34' 10" 10.61m 35' 8" 10.87m 36' 6" 11.12m 37' 10" 11.53m 34' 4¼" 10.47m Look at the last 3 puts for these two ladies at...
  3. JAVMAN83

    Needing Help - State Meet Schedule for 1975 - Order of Events?

    As a follow-up to my own now 10year+ project of compiling the history of the boys' state meets from 1908 till now, I've now started the document for the girls' state meets starting in 1975 (30-31 May). However, I'd like to confirm the following or not as the order of the track events? 80 yard...
  4. JAVMAN83

    Ashley Kovacs - NOW @ VANDERBILT !!!
  5. JAVMAN83

    OH HS Boys' - All-Time Indoor - Top 30 - Update - Weight Throw Added

    I'm going to try to crank one list/week out prior to the indoor t&f season, then repost the entire lot in a separate thread.
  6. JAVMAN83

    Tom Byers - The Story

    Well, Tom Byers has had his life done on YouTube!
  7. JAVMAN83

    Brooks Invite - Some big performances

    Other than Nathan Mountain's huge 8:42.16 meet record in the 2 mile to move him to #8 all-time US HS, Division III 800m champion Allison Johnson (Mt. Gilead) placed 3rd in 2:05.20, moving her ahead of 1968 Olympic Champion Madeline Manning (Cleveland John Hay) for #2 all-time Ohio...trailing...
  8. JAVMAN83

    A legend has passed - Steve Price, founder of the Kettering Striders
  9. JAVMAN83

    Down Goes Blankenship - Conner McClure new All-Time Outdoor Boys' PV Record! - 17' 3"

    I missed this from a few weeks ago, but Conner McClure set a new all-time outdoor boys' PV record of 17' 3" @ the Green Twilight Relays on 23 April. That supplanted Jake Blankenship's 17' 2" clearance from the 2012 State meet as the outdoor record. Blankenship does retain the all-time indoor...