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    Muffed punt

    If the momentum of the ball takes it in the endzone it is touchback. By saying muffed i interpret that as going through the hands or bouncing off a part of the returner, not possesion and a fumble. If it is muffed and rolls into endzone it is a touchback.
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    Division II Football Poll - Week 2 (09/09/19)

    Wadsworth barely beat Wooster twice last year as well.
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    two longest curent win streak in the nation

    Can anyone find the thread about active streaks? I know it was around last year, but I can not seem to find it.
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    Wadsworth vs. Medina

    Im going to say this is the highest offensive output game and longest non weather delay game (if not scoring) in Medina county this year. I'm going grizzlies 47- Bees 41... Hopefully it is over by midnight.
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    Dover @ Wooster
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    2017 Mr. Football

    Today is the Day.....Should be announced today. Baughman Oats Hargrove Alexander Kline Waid Reed Hannah Holden Wright Rutschilling Homan Lachey Bangura Isaly Nickoli Who wins it???
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    Wooster Invitational

    Does anyone know the teams and/ favorites for this weekends Wooster Invite?
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    WIT smithville

    Anyone have results or a link to results for the Smithville WIT this past weekend?
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    Div 2 Northeast Sectional @ Highland

    This is what I have gathered from seeing them and from seeing results, I have not seen a few of the teams or results. 103 1. Young- Highland 2. Slater- Olmsted Falls 3. Thomas- Buckeye 4. Jeffries- Avon 112 1. Nycz- Holy Name 2/3. Nelson 2/3. Eppler- Fairview 4-??? 119- 1. Pallidino...
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    Freshman Football

    I was just wondering how the Lake Freshman have do this year? Who are their studs and the kids we should be watching out for?