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    Who said I wasn't ready to wrestle or preparing kids to be ready? That doesn't deny the fact that OHSAA has been planning for this event over an entire year and this is the best they have come up with. I have a Sectional tournament with 22 schools and it is only taking two days, why a three...
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    How about a three day District that is almost two hours away via bus, with half your team. Oh and we aren't doing a weekend, we are going to do a Thursday, Friday and Saturday so we can miss more work. Then... the kids that wrestle day one, can't weigh out, but instead have to weigh in on...
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    Mat Questions?

    I just had resilite classic wrestling mats installed to fit my practice room. They are insanely soft and awesome. We fitted the entire room with wall mats that are ez-flex and the classic mats on the floor. Message me and I can send you the quote I got for the size of our room, which is oddly...
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    Warner Elite Wrestling Club Camp June 15/16

    Warner Elite Wrestling Club will be coming to Bloom Carroll on June 15th and 16th. This is an amazing chance to get better in the off season with highly qualified clinicians. Send an email and/or paperwork to Daniel Grove, the Bloom Carroll head wrestling coach if interested. This is great for...
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    Bloom Carroll MS needs tournament

    With this weather we had a cancellation and are looking to fill it up with another tournament. These are the dates we have open: Jan. 26th Feb. 9th Feb. 16th Feb. 23rd Please contact me with any openings please. We are in need of a tournament to replace a canceled date from this weather...
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    Headgear logo question

    What is the correct interpretation of headgear logos? I have a kid who has headgear with CP on each side and it isn't a school logo. I know the size of the logo makes a difference, but what about one on each ear?
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    OAC Youth Tournament Nov. 11th

    We are holding an OAC Youth Tournament at Bloom Carroll Middle School on November 11th.
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    Bloom Carroll looking for Tri, Home or Away

    We have a young team and it is not complete. Kids will move around to get matches. I need one more spot filled on the schedule. A dual or tri, open dates if you have any email me.
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    Ohio University Wrestling Camp June 13, 14 & 15

    Ignore the late fee, just show up and fill out paperwork. Join us for a great wrestling camp with a great college program. Can't beat the price. Contact me with questions. When: June 13, 14 & 15 Where: Bloom Carroll HS Gymnasium 5240 Plum Road Carroll, Ohio 43112 Cost...
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    Ohio University Wrestling Camp June 13, 14 & 15

    Email: I'll send you a copy of the paperwork. Great camp opportunity at a good price. The more kids the more athletes OU will send our way. Featuring: Ohio University Wrestlers & Coaches When: June 13, 14 & 15 Where: Bloom Carroll HS Gymnasium 5240 Plum Road...
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    D2 145, 152, 160

    Just curious what you folks think is the strongest/most competitive weight class out of these three in division two. Strongest to weakest.
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    Super Trophy Open-Odd Ages

    Bloom Carroll is hosting a tournament this Sunday. Please see the attached paper for details. Fundraiser for the wrestling program. Bloom-Carroll Odd-Age SUPERTROPHY Open Sunday, November 12, 2017 Tournament will be ran in 2 sessions. We will start on time for all sessions and run...
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    Two Day Tournaments for HS Wrestling

    Curious as to what are the best two day tournaments in Ohio during season for competitive HS wrestling. Top Gun Firestone Medina All come to mind, but what else is out there? What does the Central District have?
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    Camp to Attend during offseason

    Any one having Columbus area wrestling camp with college wrestlers teaching/coaching? Would like to sign some kids up during the summer time. Thanks
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    University of Pittsburgh coming to Bloom Carroll

    The University of Pittsburgh is coming to Bloom Carroll High School June 9th-11th for a camp. They will bring several coaches and athletes with them. They will be staying at Bloom Carroll head coaches home and coming back and forth for camp. They stay later than the times and help the kids out...