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  1. Purplesage

    Calpreps predictions Week 5 Playoffs

  2. Purplesage

    Where is the scoreboard thread??????????

    Did I miss a meeting?? No scoreboard??
  3. Purplesage

    Saturday Updates (Week 14)

    Anybody got a radio station or internet feed for radio for Kirtland-Oak Harbor????
  4. Purplesage

    Where are tha radio station listings for Championship games????

    Why no listings this week???
  5. Purplesage

    More Championship Ticket Issues...

    Got my club tickets(well maybe) and VIP Parking in the mail BUT the tickets say NOTHING about being club seating just a game number and a barcode!!! To top,it off the site only shows that I purchased games 1-4 and nothing about parking pass!!!!! Anyone else having issues???
  6. Purplesage

    Shortest trip for first round game??

    Bellaire Nelson Field to Martins Ferry Dave Bruney Athletic Facility 6.6 miles!!!