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  1. Cooter26

    New UFC Sponsored Wrestling Event (WUG)

    The new Wrestling Underground event held their first event earlier Sunday night in conjunction with UFC Fight Pass. The event, which was backed and promoted by UFC & Chael Sonnen. If you didn’t watch.. you missed out big time!! wrestlers all over the country, collegiately, wrestled freestyle in...
  2. Cooter26

    Fight breaks out at the Tol. Bowsher and Tol. Scott game

    Dalonte Brown was fouled hard in the paint & everything seem to escalate from there. Also heard that Brown was taken to the hospital. Anyone word on how brown is doing? Also, what kind of punishments would happen to both teams? Two Scott players were ejected, then another fight breaks out in...
  3. Cooter26

    NWOAL League Tournament

    This should a pretty tough league tournament this year. A lot of great matches to look forward too. I'll give my top 2 finishers for each weight class: 106: Ritter (Wauseon) / Farher (Evergreen) 113: Ray (Wauseon) / ?? 120: C. Mattin (Delta) / Slattman (Wauseon) 126: D. Mattin (Delta) /...
  4. Cooter26

    NWO Power Rankings

    1.) St. John's (12-2) 2.) Wauseon (13-1) 3.) St. Francis (13-2) 4.) Findlay (10-5) 5.) Lima Senior (9-5) 6.) Ottawa-Glandorf (13-2) 7.) Toledo Bowsher (11-4) Feel free to voice your opinions..!
  5. Cooter26

    Joe Z Elmwood Duals

    Anyone have a list of teams that will be at this dual tournament this weekend?
  6. Cooter26


    Has an 8th seed team ever won a state championship or make it to the final 4? Or what was the lowest seed to ever do so? Could we see something like this happening again this year?