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  1. downtowntinabrown

    Northeastern Buckeye Conference 2014

    What is the league going to look like this year?? I'm assuming South will be the favorite. Outside of that who else looks to make a run this year?
  2. downtowntinabrown

    Aviator Basketball

    I want to congratulate the team and coaches on a historical season. Very impressive the time and hardwork paid off. I think it is a shame that more people are not recognizing this accomplishment. The local businesses and the community need to recognize the players and coaches for a superb...
  3. downtowntinabrown

    Northeastern Buckeye Conference 2012

    What is the outlook for the Northeastern Buckeye Conference? Alliance and Canton South return a lot.
  4. downtowntinabrown

    Alliance Basketball 2010/2011

    Very excited for this season. New court, new blue seats, and a lot of new faces. I think we are going to be extremely fun to watch. A lot of young talent with a deep bench. Love the addition of Coach King. Glad to see him back. Coach K always does a nice job. Let's go Aviators. Let's...
  5. downtowntinabrown

    Alliance Football 2010

    Let's get this going. Where is everyone? I believe we will be much better than 1-9 this year. We were competitive in every game last year and did not lose but a couple players. Let's hear your thoughts. I am saying like 5-5.
  6. downtowntinabrown

    Alliance Football 2009

    I am really excited for football season. I think we could be really really talented. Gotta love the new coaching staff and the 2 backs we have. So tell me what you think and vote on how many games we will win.
  7. downtowntinabrown

    How is the Barberton Baseball team looking??

    I know that Alliance plays them in a DH this year and I was wondering what their team is looking like?
  8. downtowntinabrown

    Alliance Aviators

    These girls are going to be very very good this year!! Coach Dennis and Coach Pugh are taking them all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. downtowntinabrown

    Alliance vs. Louisville Friday Night!!!!!!!!

    Should be a big game for both squads......... GO AVIATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!:thumb:
  10. downtowntinabrown

    Northeastern Buckeye Conference Predictions???

    I know Allliance has a new coach, Dan Dennis.......I was wondering what everyone's thoughts and predictions are..........:confused: :shrug:
  11. downtowntinabrown

    Marlington @ Alliance Friday Night

    Any opinions on this one??????
  12. downtowntinabrown

    AVIATORS host DUKES friday night

    The dukes come into town friday night looks like it will be all Alliance in this one.......Hopefully the Aviators don't let me down and take care of business should be looking for some revenge after last year........... P.S. Can't wait to watch the student sections go at it, it might be more...
  13. downtowntinabrown

    Alliance @ Canton South Friday Night

    Looks like the makings of a good game.........hope we come ready to play...... GO AVIATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:thumb:
  14. downtowntinabrown

    Opening Night vs. Fitch tomorrow!!!

    Alliance opens up at home vs. Austintown Fitch tomorrow night at 7:00!!!!! Everyone should come out and support those aviators, should be a great game!!!!!!
  15. downtowntinabrown

    All Ohio Football

    Babb received 1st team, while bates bivins and walker all received 2nd team honors. Pue also received special mention. Great Season Fellas!!!!!!!!!!:clap: :clap: GO AVIATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:Party:
  16. downtowntinabrown

    Great Job Alliance!

    Congrats to the Alliance gils cross country team on a great season!!!:thumb:
  17. downtowntinabrown

    Any thoughts on bball??

    I think we should b strong this year and could take the NBC. We won't lose a home game due to that crazy cockpit of ours! GO ALLIANCE!!!!
  18. downtowntinabrown

    Boys Basketball

    anyone tell me how they will look?? i know they lost a lot, besides miller.