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    Bracket Draws for Districts and State

    Is it already noted how the brackets will align for districts? Like which district gets the top spot on the brakcets or is that determined after sectionals? Just figured they had to have some sort of rotation or something year after year. Thanks,
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    D1 Kettering Fairmont District

    So using Borofans rankings here is a quick list of whose who. To keep the weght classes balanced I just did the top 30 for all weight classes and it is very possible I missed a couple of wrestlers because I did this super quick. Some classes are deep with 9 ranked wrestlers like 106 but not...
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    Southwest Sectionals

    Anyone have the breakdown for these yet or know when they will be out?
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    Crazy Season

    So I was at Fairfield on Saturday and saw some great matchups with Fairfield, Springboro and Mason. First off I miss the wrestling on the stage but have to admit some jealousy seeing those Fairfield scoreboards. So nice to see names and weights to be able to follow along. The Fairfield vs...
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    Fairfield Dual - What a cool experience

    So I was in a discussion on another thread and it reminded me to post about this. Mason and Fairfield wrestled a few days ago and it was at the PAC in Fairfield. Basically an auditorium with a stage. A far cry from the barn back in my day. They put the wrestling mats up on the stage with...
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    Ohio State Wrestling

    So I would like to go watch an Ohio State match before the end of the season and noticed two events coming up the next two Sundays. Tickets are kind of scarce for this Sunday so I was wondering where is the best place to find tickets and any area's to avoid? What are really the best seats for...
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    Battle on the Midway Team Sunkist looking for kids

    Battle on the Midway is happening this weekend out in Sunny San Diego. I don't believe any Ohio teams are heading out there so Team Sunkist from Arizona would love for you to join the team if you are heading out for the regular tournament. They are currently in need a of 64, 100, 110, 125...
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    Mouthguards for Wrestling With Braces

    Anyone have any suggestions on a good a mouthguard for someone who just got braces? Not sure what the rules are for wearing one during wrestling. Thought maybe some of you might have experience with this. I've heard this can be hard for the wrestler because they can be big and hard to breathe...
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    2017 best of the midwest

    This will be our first time coming to this event. Anyone have any words of advice on what to expect. Things like where to park? What time to get there for weigh ins? Hotels? What is it like when you go inside? Do I need to bring my own chair or blankets like TOC? Are the gyms close to each...
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    Friends of Frank

    Not sure how many of you have seen this but I think many of you have had a connection with Frank May in the past. When I think of what wrestling is and how important it is to young men it starts with Mr. May. I have no idea where I would be at in life if it were not for him dragging me into...
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    Best site to buy wrestling gear

    What are some of the best places to buy wrestling gear? Especially shoes. I can't seem to find any good shoes that my son really likes. I can't be the only one with this issue. He really likes these shoes a lot but I can't find a size 6. Never know which sites are real or not so would be...
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    How would you improve Olympic Wrestling

    So I was wondering how we could improve how this awesome sport is viewed. So my suggestion is to get rid of Greco. I know I'm about to get hammered for this one but nobody understands it and the action is boring in most matches. I love it but clearly people don't care about it. Just look...
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    Junior High Tournaments

    Next year I would like to get my son in some bigger tournaments like TOC. Since we will be going from youth to Junior High I'm not sure what tournaments these might be. I'm looking for tournaments that are within a reasonable driving distance (5 hours), that are ran well and have good out of...
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    Greco and Freestyle

    Wrestling news is slow these days so I thought I would throw this out. As my son and I journey through the world of Greco and Freestyle I had a couple of questions. 1.) What is the slip rule? I thought it was something like this. "A slip can be called when the attacking wrestler takes...
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    Big 12 Expanding to 10 Wrestling teams

    Sorry if this has already been posted but I just saw this on another page. Maybe UC should start up the wrestling program again if we want to get into the Big 12 or Big 10. REPORT: Big 12 Expanding to 10 Wrestling teams POSTED 10:45 PM, APRIL 3, 2015, BY STAFF WRITER...
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    Ohio Greco/Freestyle Qualifier Tournaments

    So do I understand it correctly that for the tournaments when it comes to Novice that you don't pre-register but just show up. What time are the weigh ins this weekend for that age group. I see a 7 AM start time but then a 10AM weigh in time. He will do both Greco and Freestyle. Also when...
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    Folkstyle Wrestling

    Wondering if someone can help me with what the definition of a legal throw in Folk Style is and why/how is it different then Greco?
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    Youth Greco

    I am thinking about having my son do some Greco Roman Wrestling this year but having some issues finding any events. Where is the best place to find a listing of events in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana? I checked trackwrestling but could not find anything? Is it too early to be thinking Greco at...
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    Big Dual tournaments or regular tournaments

    I was just looking through the scores thread and saw a couple of huge dual meets and it got me wondering which would be better? A big 16 team dual meet or 16 team tournament? It seems to me that the big problem with tournaments is all of the down time. However, with dual tournaments do you...
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    UC Wrestling

    This may have been covered in the past but if the University of Cincinnati were to join the Big 12 do you think they would start up the wrestling program again. I believe they have a club now but would it become a full fledge team at that point? If so that would be great for Ohio Wrestling.