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    "Homesick" WoodyHayes has gone "Home". Just now noticed LepsLB's post about this. 51 yr old Umpire and long time poster and Yappi contributor "WoodyHayes" apparently died of a heart attack on the 9th, Friday morning. Wow! Still young and loving the game of baseball, and now gone... Thoughts and...
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    Federal League Teams Scores and Standings 2012

    League play starts first week in April, a few things are becoming evident as the season arrives; Jackson is off to a great start as anticipated and looks formidable. Boardman looks very strong. Perry looks very good with Lawrence and Flounders on the hill. Hoover has been showing signs of being...
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    More "Daddy ball" in Travel or Rec league?

    I keep hearing the term "Daddy ball", in your experience does Rec or Travel have a higher percentage of Daddy ball?
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    Is Pre-teen Travel Baseball a Good Investment?

    With the value of the dollar down and parents looking to spend wisely, at what age do you think it wise to begin Travel Baseball for kids dreaming of playing beyond high school?
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    What can a player do to get the Scout's attention

    We've had an interesting discussion about this already, so I thought it may be good for underclassmen and their parents to hear what it takes to get scouts and college coaches that may be scouting to take notice and offer them spots on the team. From my experience, most players and their...
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    Cinco de Mayo Scores (May 5th)

    Scores for Thursday's games..
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    2011 Lake Baseball

    Almost all fresh faces on Varsity, could be a tough year but we seem to have some pretty good arms on the mound in Stephens and Kemp for league games. Hopefully we can play some D and score enough runs to put up a few W's. :)
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    18u Midland Redskins

    I noticed they were ranked 3rd in the country by Perfect Game at the end of last year. That's really impressive for an Ohio based team. I was trying to find a roster for next summer because I'd heard that 6'9 JR Rhp Cherry ( Vandalia Butler) and 6"7 JR Lhp Smoral (Solon) will be playing Summer...
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    Domingo Ayala Baseball video's

    Anyone out there teaching your sons from these video's? A must for serious ball players... Free on line instructional videos. :) You won't be disappointed.
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    Best Bats

    Back to bats again. How about some opinions on bats, we may just pick up a used one for this season. How do you rate these bats? Louisville Exogrid Demarini CF4 Easton sv12 Rawlings 5150 Demarini Voodoo Any others that you've had great success with?
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    Great Bat With New Bat Rules

    What's a great bat that's still legal with the new bat rules? I want to spend wisely with the price of bats today. Please don't say wood, we have a ton of those laying around... :)
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    Federal League 2011 POY Candidates

    POY's are generally Seniors, so who are some of your Candidates for 2011? Just off the top of my head in no particular order; Glen Oak- Harris, Sedon, Monnot, and Birkbeck. Jackson- Cardwell... Perry- Pachan.. Hoover- Chirumbolo, Haasz. Lake- Tisdale, Stephens. Mckinley- Eagan.. Boardman- Fitch-...
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    Pro's and Con's of Daddy Ball

    What are the Pro's and Con's of "Daddy coach" versus a coach with no relatives on the team you've experienced in your baseball journeys? We've had great experiences both ways. Any differences you've noticed...
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    Massillon Jackson Baseball Head Coaching job available

    I'm surprised to see Miller leave when he's done so well at Jackson, is he coaching elsewhere? Any word on who some candidates for the Jackson job might be?
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    I saw Canfield in a scrimmage on Saturday and was impressed, they looked loaded and might give Walsh some competition in Div. 2. Tough looking ball players and some pretty good senior pitchers.
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    The Suburban League

    How do you see the Suburban League order of finish? My guess, and tell me where and why I'm wrong. :) 1 Green 2 Tallmadge 3 Wadsworth 4 Highland 5 Barberton 6 Copley 7 Revere 8 Cloverleaf
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    Best Baseball bats

    What bats do you prefer and why, what bats have you had the most success with?
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    Canton Central Catholic, Massillon, St Thomas...

    Any input on how some of the Independent Schools from the Stark County area will be in the 2010 season? Players to watch?
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    Federal League Baseball

    Any predictions on the order the teams finish? Glen Oak? Jackson? Everyone else :shrug:
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    Incoming Freshmen Standouts

    Who are some of the incoming freshmen to watch for this baseball season that have a shot at playing varsity as freshmen?