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    Best in Ohio (regardless of division) 2020-21

    Meyer was 182 though correct?
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    Div III State finish breakdown.

    I wouldn't say individual dominance but more Team dominance. If you take Milan Edison out of Rossford and Legacy "Christian" out of Troy I think the east has way more balance of individuals. I also think in the east, you see a lot of kids transfer to some of the bigger schools out of D3 to...
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    Richmond Heights CB of 0??

    you literally listed only a couple public schools in those smaller schools. You don't find it fishy that they get the players they get? I mean I understand the cost of housing in some areas in Richmond is not that expensive and easy to get, my thing would be is are they actually "living" at...
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    3 Divisions

    In complete agreeance with this, I think this helps with the schools like Legacy or even back a few years ago in St. John who have these multiple state champs and then the school disappears after a group or two go through.
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    Garfield Heights District

    Congrats to all the wrestlers from this District who placed at State and to Sevi Garza from RIttman, the lone State Champ from the district. He wrestled Peyton Lemon from Waynedale who are both in the same league. The WCAL definitely showed out at the state tournament having 4 guys wrestle for...
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    Live Streaming - State Tournament

    Can anyone post where the link is for the nfhs live stream for Division 3?
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    Tickets for state qualifiers d3

    If you "were" I would say people would at least accept what you are saying more.
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    Tickets for state qualifiers d3

    Hammer... are you on the payroll, you sure a defensive for this group, and know an "awful lot"
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    Division III OHSAA state tournament - bracket walk through

    Bucksman what weight class if any was the hardest for you to pick a champ in for this division? To me it is 152 or HWY I feel the rest all have a pretty heavy favorite
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    Nfhs live stream

    I just hope it is better than your run of the muck HUDL camera, that is what Garfield Heights did last week and they only showed one of 4 mats. You got almost a half a mat to the left and right of that mat, it was pathetic.
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    Tickets for state qualifiers d3

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    Looking for D3 tickets

    I will place myself second in line...
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    Tickets for state qualifiers d3

    AMEN!!! tired of all the "lets be happy we are wrestling!"
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    Garfield Heights District

    That does not surprise me one bit, who wouldn't want to watch a hudl camera that cannot span across 4 mats of silence and pay $ for it??? Sad, appreciate the effort Firestone, sure was nicer hearing you guys do the matches then to see half a mat with the sound of the gym on it
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    Tickets for state qualifiers d3

    While I do agree with you that this is BS, I do not put it completely on the OHSAA, they put a call out for schools to host, and word is that some of the schools that are larger that were willing to host only wanted the D1 matches (which is the BS part). My biggest gripe, is they had no...
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    Tickets for state qualifiers d3

    Being that the location is still the same I don't see them changing past 2 tickets until finals, unfortunately.
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    Garfield Heights District

    FirestoneFan Outstanding Job to you and your partner, you guys did an excellent job and I know many people were very happy to see the work you guys did this weekend! Thanks Again
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    Garfield Heights District

    Nice of Garfield Heights to go the lazy route and have a paid subscription to stream and then only show one mat... I would expect nothing else from them though, I have sent the NE board a number of times over the years to move this district out of here, it is dangerous neighborhood, no parking...
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    New Attendance requirements

    This is correct, the 300 is now gone, it is the total percentage of your total seats, so if your gym seats 1000 (Which this would be for your smaller schools in the state, you get 250 people, but these larger schools that fit 5000, now you can have 1250 people