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    Perrysburg D1 district - sectional assignments, etc.

    Rumor is Perrysburg's Noah Ewen(160) is out for the season due to having a broke a bone in his arm or hand??
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    Top coaches the last 20 years

    Jeff Jordan, Greg Urbas, Ralph Cubberly, Erik Burnett, Anthony Carizales Consistency is key in this topic and these four coaches have been very consistent in producing strong teams and programs. Not many dips and valleys.
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    New Toledo St John's coach

    Congrats, I believe that makes 4 different Head Coaches in the past 5 years...I hope their Athletic Department starts to truly support the program
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    2020 Perrysburg Invitational Tournament "PIT"

    Whitmer has had a consistently solid program over the last 6-8 years. SFS has also had numbers in their rosters. TCC has dropped substantially. Rogers, I believe has a program, but has a coach who just collects a paycheck and doesn't spend a fraction of time trying to build anything. SJJ...
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    Yianni arbitration set

    ^ That is about the most ignorant statement I have read all day. I am so sure you would be so dominate over a wrestler of Retherford's level... "Bad calls are made in sports all the time..." Yes, so lets continue to make incorrect calls the norm in sports culture...