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    Please Captain.... Its time to awaken

    Please Captain.... Its time to awaken
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    Poland coach Ryan Williams steps down

    What's the word on the Poland hire? I think everyone else has their guy and I have not seen a thing on this?
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    Poland vs Struthers

    I don’t personally know the guy, and for that matter won’t have anyone playing in HS for a few more years but have a very hard time believing that this vote was done intentionally. I can’t imagine any coach willing to knowingly deal with the crap that would come along with voting like this. I...
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    Division VI State Championship: New Middletown Springfield (14-0) vs. Anna (13-1)

    Unless you have taken the journey, no one really knows what 15 weeks of HS football is like. Congrats to Anna and Springfield for great seasons. Tigers, all of the Mahoning Valley was pulling for you. Keep your heads high... You've accomplished much, and I know you will be back!
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    Division IV State Semifinal: Licking Valley (13-0) vs. Poland Seminary (11-2)

    Best of Luck to LV! Your team plays hard, and plays with class. Hoping your coach wins that elusive state title next week! To my Dogs, thanks for a great year, and for demonstrating what makes HS Sports so damn much fun. Making memories with your friends, and learning lessons that last a...
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    Division IV - Region 13 Championship: Perry (12-0) vs. Poland Seminary (10-2)

    Hard to believe some of what I am reading. First of all BTrev is NOT a Poland guy. As a matter of fact, he is a super fan of our biggest rival. This being said, he has common sense and respect, and much like we all should do, supports, a team from his own conference, once his team was...
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    Division IV - Region 13 Championship: Perry (12-0) vs. Poland Seminary (10-2)

    Poland was missing 4 starters on the O line early in the season. (Weeks 2-3) Additionally, their starting QB got hurt week 2, and the transition began to the Sophomore began week 3. They essentially installed an entirely new offense between weeks 2-4 and never looked back.
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    Division IV - Region 13 Championship: Perry (12-0) vs. Poland Seminary (10-2)

    As a Poland fan, that's music to my ears!!!
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    NE8. The leagues first season begins now. Power Rankings

    I think your observations show just how subjective this voting is. The conference stuff if obviously voted on by fellow coaches, and the Inland District stuff is Sports writers. The district stuff may be nothing more and a reporter who remembers someones name for having a good game they may...
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    Division IV - Region 13 Championship: Perry (12-0) vs. Poland Seminary (10-2)

    The word I am hearing is the increased requirements from the OHSAA combined with the cost of putting a game on is making it less and less attractive for schools to want to host playoff games.
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    D4 Region 13 Playoff Thread

    You clearly either got multiple speeding tickets in Poland that your still sour about, or got dumped by a stuck up Poland girl at some point in your life.
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    Week 12: Poland (9-2) vs Indian Creek (10-1)

    I am sure the Poland staff will have the team grounded, despite the fact that everyone thinks they will roll. For the IC fans, here are some details best I can remember, with the help of the game program...LOL OL is huge. C-6'3 255 RG 6'3 360 RT 6'3 290 LG 6'2 220 or 6'4 240 (2 rotate) LT 6'5...
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    D4 Region 13 Playoff Thread

    After 6 weeks of basically mistake free football, Poland made there share of them last night. The Struthers game is always a battle, but they need to get some things cleaned up and take things one game at a time. They HAVE to be able to throw the ball, which they can but, #15 looked like a...
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    D4 Region 13 Playoff Thread

    Ok... Have a good night.
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    D4 Region 13 Playoff Thread

    There line is made up of 2 seniors, 2 juniors, and 1 sophomore. The JV went 7-1 and Sophomores went undefeated as Frosh. As much as people say the cupboard is bare, its not. Will need to replace some holes next year, but underclassmen are strong.
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    D4 Region 13 Playoff Thread

    I have been to every Poland game this year except Jefferson. A few observations. 1. Poland was not healthy until week 4. Had MULTIPLE starters out against Howland, coinciding with #15's first start as QB. 2. This new QB extends drives. Last week I believe he scored twice by himself, once on...
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    Week 10 Struthers at Poland

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    Week 9: South Range at Struthers

    Poland's defense has been playing well. Poland's "starting" defense has not given up a point since the 1st drive of the SR game Sept 20. All of the points scored against them since that game, have come late in the 4th during the "mop up time". This being said, I think Struthers QB will be the...
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    Week 9: Poland (6-2) at Hubbard (6-2)

    Just found out the other day that due to cuts in staff 570 does not broadcast ANY games anymore. I believe 1390 may be the only station left on traditional radio doing it.
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    Week 9: Poland (6-2) at Hubbard (6-2)

    Lots of reasons why Poland has their two losses, but not going to get on here and make excuses, on why they lost, it happened, and I personally think they have gotten better because of them! This being said, a healthy Bulldogs team has rolled ever since the week three Howland game, and I hope...