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    Race hustlers, grifters and frauds The race lies go forever on and on.
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    The BLM mob says so. This human piece of excrement should be arrested tomorrow for inciting a riot. Nothing to see here by the MSM. Funny how the white systemic racist...
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    Teenage boy, murders girl Every media across the globe is woke. Look at that the every last sentence in the article. Police previously described the suspect as a younger black male who is 5'8" and 125lbs...
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    FBI knew about Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa Yea complete failure of government as usual. Maybe if the FBI wasn’t wasting time trying to figure...
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    What is a hero?

    A hero does not create dependents, a hero inspires people. A true hero does not fight for people, he inspires people to fight for themselves. A true hero does not speak for people who have no voice, he inspires people to speak for themselves. Guess who says I will fight, protect and speak for...
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    On Mass shootings

    Leftist love mass shootings. They use it to gun grab and point to racism as motivation. Never eat a crisis go to waste.. Rule 1 in any leftist playbook.
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    Ted Wheeler... Useful Idiot
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    Baltimore student passes 3 classes in 4 years!! Ranks 62 out of 120............LMFAO...........WTF.............Game Over.
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    Useful idiots believe cops killed over 10,000 unarmed black men in 2019 For example, among the more liberal-minded respondents, 57 percent of those who reported being “liberal” or “very liberal” estimated about 1,000 unarmed black men were killed by police in 2019—even crazier, 34% believed over 10,000 or more unarmed...
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    Journalistic tattletale and censorship Great article! Explains exactly were we are in the despotic cancel cultural and the vermin who promote it.
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    Climate Marxists who must break your will...

    This is who these people are. If given the power they will murder people in the name of saving the planet.
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    No one remembers this group? I love the useful idiots(you know who you are) on this forum who are so worried about the MAGA/QaNon/KKK terrorists.. When you have the May 19th Communist who actually bombed... yes BOMBED the US Capitol... Oh yea.. how...
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    Green Tyranny Chairman Joe just needs to sign the EO... A UN economist, Mariana Mazzucato, has even mooted the possibility of a ‘climate lockdown’, in which governments would limit car use, ban red-meat consumption, and shut down...
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    WH needs reporters questions ahead of time "That's not really a free press at all," one White House reporter said, according to the Daily Beast. LMFAO... Shutup sit down and here are the answers to the questions we deem acceptable. Chairmen Joe approved.
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    Chairman Joe Xiden

    Chairman Joe has already smashed the record for EOs in his first week as Dictator. You think he will have the all time record for EOs? Or will he be tragically cut short of obtaining this record due to health? Fear not Chairperson Kamala is backup.
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    So? Maybe don’t fight in school?
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    NYT Biden executive orders No..why? Keep going Joe.
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    $2400 per month Marshall plan for moms payments Why not? Just throw another log of the fire. MMT is fun!
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    So who is domestic terrorist?

    My list: Glen Beck Rush Limbaugh Donald Trump All registered republicans All white males All white hispanics All black conservatives see Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell Anyone who wont worship BLM-INC Anyone who supported Trump. Anyone with a Parler account. I’m sure when the Politburo is...