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    Race hustlers, grifters and frauds

    Yep ADL are race grifters
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    Race hustlers, grifters and frauds

    Imagine that BLM is nothing but a race hustle so the top grifter can live like royalty.
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    Race hustlers, grifters and frauds The race lies go forever on and on.
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    The Masters, golfers address ‘shocking’ Georgia voting laws, push for boycott

    In perpetuity. Lord Tyrion remind me what perpetuity means? Forever your grace.
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    Rigged Election in Michigan

    Nah, but you keep on keeping on....
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    Seems to be getting hard not to be a racist.

    Leftist have no facts and reason to their ideology so if you dont kneel before their ideology you are a racist.
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    Rigged Election in Michigan

    More lies.
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    100,000 cases of coronavirus already in Ohio

    More validation that this pandemic is blown into Mt Everest from a mole hill. Signed up for a JJ shot on Saturday. I live close to PA so it was a Wal Mart in PA. Went to get the shot this morning. After the run around of getting RX info together i fill out a questionnaire. I had to check mark...
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    Trial of the Century...

    Again Happy shows his hand. Happy is either a Troll who just loves to rift the “echo chamber” Or Happy is really this delusional and unstable. A troll is a troll and I laugh at pretty much all troll posts. The other is just plain sad.. seek help if the latter is true Happy.
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    The BLM mob says so. This human piece of excrement should be arrested tomorrow for inciting a riot. Nothing to see here by the MSM. Funny how the white systemic racist...
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    Global Warming

    Stupid statement from a leftist in their 70’s. Guns are designed to kill.... No F—en Sh— Your on the downhill. Why worry about guns at this point in your life?
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    Republicans and voter surpression!

    GA new voting law is good. As usual it is only racist because leftist don’t like the law. Same old leftist playbook garbage over an over again.
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    Teenage boy, murders girl

    Twist it anyway you want.. guns aren’t a problem.
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    U.S. Capitol Police officer dies after attacker rammed car into checkpoint; suspect also dead

    Are we sure this POC wasn’t an undercover QaNon?
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    Republicans and voter surpression!

    POCs cant afford IDs and are unable to wait in a 2 hour line without food and water. I feel their pain. Surely antifa can give POC justice by burning down dollar store and gas stations.
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    Teenage boy, murders girl

    330 million plus citizens with well over 200 million guns... murders/suicide by individuals using guns is extremely low. Media will never admit that...
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    Teenage boy, murders girl

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    Republicans and voter surpression!

    No one cares