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    Just Not the Same...

    This is not a complaint by any means. I truly applaud what has been done by the state and the host schools (I was at Darby) to make the state tourneys happen. I also understand why the concessions have been made, but man, it just is not even close to being the same. Small crowds, no "tunnel"...
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    Saturday-Sunday Tournaments

    I know this is a covid year and things are different, but I hate the Saturday-Sunday tournament schedules. The girls state tourney, our district tourney and the state tourney all follow this schedule. While it may not affect me a whole lot personally, I feel for those coaches (and more...
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    Olentangy Berlin Looking for Teams

    Olentangy Berlin is looking to add teams to make 2 competitions quads rather than tris. We will run 2 varsity mats and a JV mat to get as many matches as possible. 12/5 with Watkins Memorial, Jonathan Alder and Berlin 12/22 with Central Crossing, Amanda Clearcreek and Berlin If interested...
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    Looking for state tickets

    I am looking 6 all session ticket books for the state tournament this weekend. If you have some, or know of any, please contact me either on this thread or through a PM. Thank you. Luke Moore
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    High School Out of Bounds

    While I appreciate the change in rules of OB to increase the action, I have noticed that it is very inconsistent. I truly cannot figure out what the out of bounds rule is. I had a good conversation with an official about this yesterday, and it seemed as though even the officials are a little...
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    In Season Open Mats

    Quick question- are there regulations on in season open mats? I know a lot of wrestlers continue to work out with a club, or get individual training, throughout the season. However, if a school were to offer free open mats in season, is that within the rules?
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    Thursday Night Thunder 1/30

    January 30th, 2020 Berlin High School OCC Dual Olentangy Berlin 47 Worthington Kilbourne 27 106 McColeman (OB) won by forfeit 113 Voinovich (OB) pin Saas 1:13 120 Butcher (OB) won by forfeit 126 Adams (WK) won by forfeit 132 Leis (WK) won by forfeit 138 Hoffman (WK) pin Helmers 3:19 145 Hooks...
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    Past State Tourney Brackets

    I am searching for archived tournament brackets. Anyone know where I can find them?
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    Big Walnut Summer Wrestling Camp
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    Newark D1 Sectional

    Olentangy Liberty Lancaster Westerville North Delaware Hayes Mt. Vernon Big Walnut Westerville South Newark Columbus West St. Charles Pretty solid group of teams. 3 of the top 4 teams in the central district. Should be a pretty competitive day.
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    Looking for points

    Big Walnut is looking for competitions on 2 dates: February 3rd- looking to get into a tournament due to cancellation this past weekend. February 10th- Looking for an opponent for our home dual meet. If you have something, please e-mail me at
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    Big Walnut looking for dual

    Big Walnut, 20 minutes north of Columbus, is looking for an opponent for a home dual meet on Saturday, February 10th. Wrestling would start at 11 AM, weigh ins at 10 AM. If interested, please e-mail me at
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    Big Walnut Classic

    This Saturday is the 10th Annual Big Walnut Classic. It started as an 8 team dual tournament, and has evolved into a 16 team individual bracket tourney. Should be a great day of wrestling. I will be posting links to brackets and programs that will be updated live throughout the day. Below...
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    Big Walnut Summer Wrestling Camp
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    Newark D1 Sectional - discussion, etc

    Any chatter? Only a week away, who are the studs at each weight, what are the best weight classes?
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    Big Walnut Classic

    The 9th Annual Big Walnut Classic is this Saturday. The format changed a bit and we are going to a brackets style tourney. Should be a good day. Teams- Big Walnut Centennial Sheridan Wadsworth "B" Licking Heights Jonathan Alder Johnstown-Monroe Galion Paint Valley Gahanna Lincoln...
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    Big Walnut Classic Looking for teams

    Big Walnut is looking for additional teams for our tournament on December 10th. Varsity and JV wrestlers can be entered and all wrestlers will get a minimum of 3-4 matches on the day. If interested, please contact Luke Moore at
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    Central District open mats at Big Walnut

    Open mats at Big Walnut tonight (June 8th) at 6 PM.
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    Big Walnut Summer Camp June 6-9

    Big Walnut will be hosting our summer wrestling camp June 6th-9th. We will have two Ohio University freshmen in Shakur Laney and Cam Kelly the entire week running an intensive training and technique camp. Each day will consist of a technique session and a training session. Both Laney and Kelly...
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    Weights needed for NA Duals

    Vengeance Wrestling Club (Big Walnut) is looking for the following weight for this Saturdays dual tournament at new Albany; 126, 285. If interested, please e-mail me at