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    Ohio indoor track High School State records

    Thank you so much! Record keepers are a rare breed, Javman...and you are very much appreciated! I’ll be very interested to see your top 30 lists for each event, when completed. Thanks again!
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    Ohio indoor track High School State records

    Does anyone know where to go to access Ohio’s high school state indoor track records? Not the OATCCC indoor state meet records....but the fastest times ever run anywhere indoors by an Ohio HS athlete. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Great documentary video !! An alaskan mile ...

    If you haven't seen this, sit back, relax and watch one of the coolest running documentaries I've seen in recent years. It's about some of our top USA milers making an excursion to Alaska in search of the Sub 4 minute mile. It had never been done outdoors on Alaskan soil. They attempted it at...