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    Winter Distance Carnival

    Any word on a date to do this again at Mason?
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    Congratulations Withrow!

    Congratulations to the Lady Tigers of Withrow for winning their second straight state championship, well done!:clap:
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    Dayton D1 District results?

    Haven't seen results anywhere from the Dayton D1 district meet on Wednesday; anyone know where they can be found?
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    Springboro Invitational

    Congrats to the organizers of the 1st Springboro Invitational. Great facility, and a very well run meet. Fantastic competition too. Hopefully this meet will be back next year, it beats the heck out of the poorly run and poorly organized Dayton Relays. Results link below, check out results of...
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    Poll: Troy regional-Girls

    Troy regional- girl's teams
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    Favorite Olympic track memories

    Now that the Games are completed, what memories from track and field stand out in your mind? There were so many but for me it was when Mo Farah saw that his friend and training partner Galen Rupp finished right behind him in the 10,000 meter to also win a medal. Your thoughts?
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    Zach Wills?

    Does anyone have any info on Zach Wills at Oklahoma State? Red-shirting his entire freshman year?