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    Wayne County Athletic League

    Why is Hillsdale in this league ? They aren’t even in Wayne County. Then there is Triway that has a similar male enrollment as some in WCAL but they are not in the league, but they are in the county. Orrville should be in Wayne County Athletic League as well. It seems too obvious here ...
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    Kent Roosevelt

    I figured since this is the most frequented forum on here I would use it to ask my questions. I am not picking on the school district I just truly want to know why they aren’t competitive in most sports, both genders. So why does Kent Roosevelt struggle so much in most sports? I love the city...
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    Montgomery gone from West Branch

    Saw on OHSAA West Branch posting for a varsity boys basketball coach. Any news on this? GlenOak have a coach yet?
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    Gilmour won last night 108-1. I heard 92.3 the Fan talking about it this morning. It was something like 98-0 at the start of the fourth quarter. This is at least what they were saying.