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    If Mueller sat on "No Collusion" since before Midterms did it cost the GOP the House?

    If Mueller sat on "No Collusion" since before Midterms did it cost the GOP the House? I mean if Mueller released his findings prior to Midterms (and not an October Surprise) could the Republicans have held on to control of The House?
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    Time for a playoff expansion...

    Whether you go to 6 teams or 8 teams this 4 team format is not working. I think Oklahoma, Ohio State and Georgia all deserve a chance. 6 team format could pair 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5 and the winners would face the top 2 seeds who get byes. First round could be a week after the final playoff seedings...
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    Congrats Hoover Federal League Champions!!!

    For the first time in 10 years Hoover wins the Federal League title. Unfortunately no playoffs due to region with high depth of teams.
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    15 Years, LBJ Leaves Cleveland Twice, One Title, was it truly worth it?

    Everything the past 15 years. 7 years. No playoffs first two but improvement shown. Almost beating Kingpin Detroit then beating Detroit to get an undermanned team to the Finals. Then reshuffling roster and taking eventual champs to 7 games before falling. Then consecutive earlier than expected...
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    Only LeBron could...

    Have 29 points, 9 rebounds and 13 assists and shoot 50% from the field and he is being said to have had a off game. No other player in League history could put that stat line in The Finals and be told how bad of a game he had.
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    Trade a game your team lost...

    With 2 wins now becoming losses. I'll go: North Canton Hoover beats Toledo St Francis in the D-I State Championship instead of losing 17-14 they win 21-17 with a late TD instead of missed FG. Hoover now loses: 2000 game to Jackson in the regular season in week 10 in which they won 14-7...
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    Should NBA go back to Best of 5 in First Round?

    I think so but it is all about the money. I remember this awesome series and doubt it it happens in a best of seven.
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    Trump Supporters: A Question about Guns...

    What are your thoughts on him strengthening background checks, banning bump stocks and raising the age from 18 to 21? I was not a Trump Supporter from Day one but I came around to him because all the other Repubs turned me off of them.
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    Until Celebrities stop GLORIFYING gun violence in movies they need to shut up...

    About Gun Control. They are making millions of dollars on all these movies (and TV shows) that gun violence is being glorified. No I am not personally wanting movies, shows or even commercials to stop this. However, I want these actors, celebrities and so on to stop making a living off of gun...
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    "Chelsea" Manning to run for US Senate in Maryland
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    Non Playoff teams in 2016 that will (likely) in 2017...

    I know the 2016 Season just ended about 24 hours ago. What teams that didn't make the playoffs this year will be a good bet to make the playoffs in '17? I will go with my Alma Mater, North Canton Hoover. I look for them to build on their 5-5 season (they were a noncompetitive 2-8 in 2015)...
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    Would Bernie have done better than Hillary?

    I have talked with several people (and discussed online) who have discussed with me whether Bernie could have done better than Hillary against Trump. I think honestly Bernie would have been massacred in the General Election. Look how bad he did vs Hillary in the South. I think he would have...
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    Akron East over Louisville...

    Akron East gets the #8 seed over Louisville in Region 9. While it's nice to see a team like East get a shot in the playoffs it's too bad we don't get Louisville/Marlington II. I bet Marlington is happy because that would be an excellent first round matchup.
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    Poll are rigged...

    I am not saying Trump will win guaranteed. I actually think he is a heavy underdog as he is battling not just Hillary but the Media their double standards and the GOP Establishment. I will say that these polls are very questionable. For over 3 years I have worked on the Internet doing...
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    GlenOak's Second Half Schedule

    @ 5-0 Jackson Host Ignatius Host McKinley @ Lake Host Perry That is a tough schedule down the stretch.
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    Can Houston upset Oklahoma?

    Houston up 26-17 inside the Oklahoma 20
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    Louisville @ North Canton Hoover (9/2/2016) Thoughts & Predictions

    Hoover despite their struggles this decade are 3-3 vs Louisville. Both teams had four point road wins last night. Hoover forced SIX turnovers (vs only 1 turnover committed) which is great but they barely won against a 1-9 team and allowed 250+ yds rushing. Their passing game was pretty...
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    Golden State should be thankful...

    Kyrie Irving broke his kneecap last year in game 1. There was talk from many myself included that popular belief in NE Ohio that the Cavs would have won the NBA Championship last year with a healthy Kyrie. This years Finals there was no excuses for the Cavs and their fans. LeBron after a...
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    Klu Klux Klan Grand Dragon endorses Hillary Clinton

    Originally supported Trump but now supports Hillary and her "hidden agenda"
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    Tuesday March 15th Ohio Primary: Who are you voting for?

    Who are you supporting and/or voting for? I was considering voting for Bernie Sanders simply to try "Operation Chaos" like 2008. However, I have decided against that.