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    Time to address the elephant in the room as we head towards the finals.

    Can't we talk sports!@!!!Q!!Q!Q
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    Bailing Out The OHSAA

    I would pay 12 dollars but not aloud to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Can we please talk football and get rid of these jerks that wanna talk politics all the time. Why are they even on here ???
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    Why can't we get a Pick Central vs Dublin Coffman game?

    Different OCC Divisions and different playoff Regions
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    Archive of Football scores.

    I am researching ohio high school scores for over 30 years, have most complete but still lots in boxes in my closet retired now and spend many hours on this.I have orginnized by school but working on year by year scores and standings.There is a websight with most newspapers on line but it cost...
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    Comment by 'Fizz' in pool '2020 Yappi Challenge'

    Done with this!
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    Comment by 'Fizz' in pool '2020 Yappi Challenge'

    Friday 6:40 still no word
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    Ohsaa New regions

    Not yet still from April
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    Akron City Schools Cancel Fall Sports

    Heard Columbus City League schools opening practices again on Saturday
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    Marysville Football Team Picture Goes Viral...Support For First Responders Overturns Early Criticism

    Time to close this.Talk has nothing to do with Marysville or sports!!
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    Anyone else find it weird that Joe Eitel has no schedules?

    He is my bible for scores, have been keeping entire state since the 1970s.Can not find a lot of scores from online newspapers anymore. Thanks for all you do!!!!!!!!!
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    Parma, Cuy County Supers Urging OHSAA to Move Football to Spring

    Play Football !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Mike DeWine 2pm Briefing Thursday Aug. 13

    Same crab!! He will an answer Tuesday,He said that last Thursday and Thursday before. I can see teams lining up for kickoff and announcer saying "May I have your attention Gov.Ahole has just canceled season!!"
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    No Buckeyes this year

    Falls in with the world today. Stay home and prepare to die. And no I will not wear a mask!!!
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    August is officially cancelled

    I just want to know if no school and no sports means do I can some of my property taxes back ? Will never vote for a school levy again
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    Kneeling For The National Anthem

    Goodell's an a-hole!!
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    OHSAA should have spring sports season

    Time to move on!! Get summer ball in.High Schools have 10 practices for next year can start soon.Seniors will start getting ready for college. Are we going to celebrate graduation until next August. We act like this is the first time anything has ever happened bad to kids.
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    OHSAA extending 2021 playoffs to 12 teams per region

    already too many teams
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    Ohio's tournaments...coronavirus may throw a wrench into it

    Done with yappi tired of all the BS.I thought this was a sight to get sports information not preached about what I should attend or not!!
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    Ohio's tournaments...coronavirus may throw a wrench into it

    It is all bull,I'm tired of this silly world!!!!