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    CFL Grey Cup-Ohio Players

    The Winnipeg BlueBombers take the win over the Hamilton TigerCats. Steubenville Big Red grad Zach Collaros got the start at QB for the Bombers, his third team of the season! Tyrell Sutton, of Akron Hoban did some hard running for the TiCats. Can anyone check the rosters for any other Ohio...
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    Can TUN finish?

    A rare bowl season this is, as the Big Ten is undefeated. Can TUN finish?
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    Anyone besides one crackpot writer think Girard is #1 D4 team in the state? I was checking out their schedule, and don't see it. They've defeated a terrible D3 squad, a middling D4 team, a D7 crew struggling, a bad D4 team, and then 3 D5, and 2 D6, none with a winning record. I don't see it.
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    Best won/loss record not in playoffs?

    I have Dresden Tri-Valley out at 9-1. Who else?
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    1st Team Big East, A. Binns, Z. Collaros, The C

    Congratulations to Armon Binns and Zach Collaros, University of Cincinnati, named First Team, All Big East. Zach was a unanamous selection.