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    Dewine today....what do you think?

    So Dewine is talking today at 5:30. Sure sounds like he's going to be making some pretty big announcements. There's no way this idiot will shut down fall sports with 2 weeks to go like he did to winter last there? He mentioned yesterday that it doesn't seem like...
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    BGSU eliminates baseball effective immediately
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    Trotwood scored 153?

    Saw on Trotwood Twitter that they won 153-67. How is that possible? Even if the other team just stood around and let you score, that's almost 5 points/minute. Northmont scored 67 so they had to have at least had the ball some. How does any defense let a team score 153 points in a 32 minute...
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    Breaking News: All Week 3 Playoff Games at the Shoe!

    Just heard from a "reliable source" that starting with week 3, all remaining playoff games will be at the 'Shoe. The OHSAA has gotten so many complaints that they just pulled the trigger and did this way everyone is happy. From my source: To get all the games in in one week, week 3...
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    Longest trip for first round matchups

    Another year....another round of ridiculous regional assignments and long road trips. Let's hear 'em D4 - Region 14 Pepper Pike Orange travels to St Marys.......201 miles :Ohno:
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    Tourney attendance thoughts

    Anyone who's been going to the tourney for more than a couple years knows the attendance numbers have dropped drastically the last 10 years or so....from regularly seeing games draw 12-14,000 to now seeing 8-10K as the norm. What do you think for this year. Thursday attendance could be...
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    Cooperstown 2017

    Hello, I'm looking for a grandfather certificate for summer 2017. My son (played there at 12U) and I (coached there) are thinking about taking a team next summer...just a dad/kid vacation trip and some baseball thrown in. It would be great to have a certificate, as our availalble dates are...
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    Can Ohio top this at the 'Shoe?? 5A State title game in Texas has over 54,000 fans at the Cowboys Stadium. This seems like a perfect opportunity for the OHSAA to showcase their move to the 'Shoe....and prove Ohio HS football is the best in the...
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    Buckeye Baseball Blockbuster

    I got an email today from a tourney called the Buckeye Baseball Blockbuster. It's a week-long tourney set for next summer in the Sandusky area. It's advertised as 2 separate tourneys...back to you the "possibility" of 12 games for 13U-18U teams. Here's the kicker....$345 PER...
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    16U Northwest Ohio Fire needs a P/OF

    We had a player leave a couple weeks ago to play Legion. We picked up a player to replace him....then found out recently that another player won't be cleared from a football injury in time to play this summer. We are looking for a #2/3 type pitcher who can also play some OF. Very competitive...
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    16U Northwest Ohio Fire needs 1 player

    Had a player leave yesterday for Legion Ball. We need 1 player....pitcher/outfield. 6 tourneys including 3 at U of M and 1 at Notre Dame. If you're interested, please email me at with previous teams, experience, HS, stats, etc and I'll give you a call. Thanks
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    16U Northwest Ohio Classic - Needs 1 team

    We had a team drop out today. 16U Northwest Ohio Classic...June 28-30. Games at Univ of Findlay, Bluffton Univ, Ohio Northern, Tiffin Univ. and Univ of Northwestern Ohio. 23 teams committed. Team listing is available $595 for 4-game guarantee. Email me at...
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    30 days.....

    Until the official start of HS baseball....let's get rid of this snow so we can start thinking about
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    16U Northwest Ohio Classic....1 open spot

    Had a team drop out today. The 16U Northwest Ohio Classic....June 28-30 in Findlay has spot open. Games at Univ of Findlay, Ohio Northern, Bluffton Univ and Tiffin Univ. We would consider competitive 15U teams. Teams coming are listed at $595 for 4-game...
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    16U Northwest Ohio Classic needs 1 team

    The 2013 Northwest Ohio Classic will be held June 28-30 at the Univ of Findlay, Ohio Northern, Bluffton Univ, Tiffin Univ and 2 other fields TBA. We had a team drop out today....leaving us with 23 teams. We're looking for 1 more team to fill the field. 4-game guarantee. Tourney starts...
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    2013 Northwest Ohio Classic 15U/16U - 3 spots remaining

    The 2nd Annual Northwest Ohio Classic is June 28-30. Games at Univ of Findlay, Ohio Northern Univ, Bluffton Univ and Tiffin Univ. At this point, I can take 16 teams. I'm hoping to add another field to allow 20 teams. We've got 13 committed so far...all16U. Teams committed are listed at...
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    2013 Northwest Ohio Classic 15/16U June 28-30

    The 2nd Annual Northwest Ohio Classic will be held June 28-30, 2013. Games will be played at Univ of Findlay, Tiffin Univ, Bluffton Univ & Ohio Northern Univ. We may have to add a few HS fields if the number of teams requires that. We had 16 teams last year and turned away another 6 due to...
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    Team wanted...Sept.16 in Findlay 16U-18U

    Looking for a third team to play a 3-way on Sunday Sept.16th at the Cube in Findlay. You would play at 2pm and 4pm. 16U - 18U teams are welcome. 2013 16U Northwest Ohio Fire, with a couple additional 17U/18U players and 18U Oakland (MI) Whitecaps are already committed. Would like a third...
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    16U Northwest Ohio Fire looking for a couple pitchers

    The 2013 16U Northwest Ohio Fire is in need of 2 or 3 pitchers for next season. We're set at other positions unless something changes with our returning players, but we could use some pitching depth. 6 or 7 tourneys starting Memorial Day...and likely including a trip to TN, SC or GA. Pitchers...
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    A question for you umpires....

    Guys, not going to get into's not worth my time or I'll just ask. Give me an honest answer. I'm not going to comment on any answers....and I'm not looking to start an arguement. Just curious what you think after having this situation happen today: You...