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    Is anybody going to AAU’s?
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    Best JV team

    Who is the best JV team? I would assume Moeller, X,Darby and Elder?? Thoughts?? Moeller has a few young guys on varsity??
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    Best JV teams (2013)

    Any ideas?
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    State Predictions

    Moeller v Darby semi, but will they be drained for the final???? Im taking Darby in 5 and they beat ..... Elder, Iggy or Beavercreek?? I need another day?
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    New Men's College Volleyball program

    This will be great for Southwest OHIO boysvolleyball Men's Volleyball Tuesday, February 17, 2009 Men's volleyball will begin competition in January 2010. The College of Mount St. Joseph announces the addition of men’s volleyball as a NCAA Division III collegiate athletic program for the...
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    Best Match of the Year Moe V ST. X ?

    What are your thoughts?
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    Worthington Kilbourne Tourney 21st @9

    Worthington Kilbourne will host a High School Boys play date July 21st from 9am to 5pm. The first 7 teams to respond will participate. Please email Glynda Rice if you wish to participate in the play date. Thanks, -- Glynda Rice :-) Mathematics Dept. Chair Men's...
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    Obsvca All Ohio 2007

    OBSVCA All Ohio 2007 Player of the Year: Lee Meyer - Archbishop Moeller Coach of the Year: Greg Ulland - Archbishop Moeller Special Mention Coaches of the Year: Don Marn - Mt. Vernon, Sara Redman - Dayton Chaminade-Julienne 1st Team All-Ohio Player School Year 1. Lee Meyer...
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    Breaking News Miane South Forfeits

    10-0 10-0 to Central Catholic in the 1st match of the day this pretty much will keep them from getting into the Gold